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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by CDriscoll, May 28, 2008.

  1. CDriscoll

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    I have been in search of information and answers for over a year to explain by now 17 yr old daughters behavior (or lack of). We have been to therapy, which was disasterous, I think because of the counselor's lack of understanding the issue. I truly believe now that my difficult child (love that term) has ODD.

    At any rate.. I have a lot of reading to do here and beyond, but I feel like I just walked through the door of a place where I am finally no longer alone.
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    Welcome to the site! You've found a place where many folks are dealing with their struggling teens.

    One of the greatest things about this site was the feeling of not being alone that most members found upon stumbling on the board.

    Two suggestions, if your screen name is you actual name, you should change it. It is information that can identify you to the world-wide readers of the site. I also suggest that you do a profile signature like you see at the bottom of my post. Include information like what diagnosis your daughter has (if any), what medications she might have been on, any family history of mental issues, and who lives in the family home. It helps us to remember who a poster is.

    Again, welcome.

  3. JJJ

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    Welcome! I look forward to hearing more about your daughter.
  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    Welcome to the board.

    No. you are SOOOO not alone.

    Have a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and join the family.

    Glad you found us. Sorry you had to.
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    Glad you found us. It's a great site.
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    Welcome! Let us know more about yourself!!!
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    Welcome. I'm so sorry you need us but so glad you found us. When you have time, tell us your story. We'll offer suggestions, hints, hugs and lots of caring.
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    Welcome, C. Many of us have been on this board for years. In that time we've each gained so much insight into our difficult children from the other members; it makes the road just a little bit easier to travel. We have a few members who are almost experts on medications and those of us who aren't trust them a lot and, along with our doctors, listen to them. Then there are those who have been through so much therapy they are willing to tell everyone else what worked for them and what didn't. Often it's another avenue for us to explore.

    So, C, stick around! There is a wealth of knowledge here from those of us who are carrying the same load.
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    Glad you've stumbled upon us. You will find tons of information and plenty of support from others in your situation.

    Welcome :)
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    Popping in to add my welcome. I hope we can help you find answers for your difficult child.
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    Thank you all, for the warm welcome.

    May I ask for a bit of help in changing my displayed name, as suggested.

    I found these instructions:

    1. At the top of any of the forum pages, click on the words my stuff.

    2. On the drop down box that comes up next, click on
    My Profile

    Publicly Displayed Name: This is what will print as your screen name on the Board and can be changed.

    But I cannot find the "My Stuff" link. I tried the User CP area but could not the place to change publicly displayed name.

    I appreciate your help.