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  1. babyblue31

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    Hi everyone.. I haven't posted in awhile, I have been busy difficult child has kept me on my toes. I am so excited we are going home this weekend for a short visit.. So I can help my sister drive back down here.

    On that note shes driving me crazy.. Thank God shes moving to Orlando..

    We are driving up the to hpoe difficult child is good during the long car ride.. Thats going to be wish for thinking althrough I hope not

    I will let you all know how the trip went when we get back......
  2. Andy

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    Hey Baby Blue - have a safe trip. When difficult child starts becoming frustrated, stop at a rest area to let him run off some steam. Look for a park with playground equipment. Then bathroom needs, wash up, food, drink, and back into the vehicle with a toy.

    Whenever you stop to fill up with gas, take difficult child out for a stretch.

    See you back here soon!