Help!!! 5 yr old Daughter changed overnight.


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Hello I am new here, and I am hoping that maybe someone has been thru this and might recognize the behaviors. My 5 yr old little girl started telling me about 2 weeks ago that she had to tell me everything. I do mean everything: Mom I picked my nose, I ran in the house, I went to the bathroom, I kicked my toy, I stood on my bed...anyway you get the idea. This is still going on, but 9 days ago she got up and said I wish you weren't my mom. I was of course shocked because she has always been a very loving child, and has never said anything like this before. Over the course of the day she continued with more commments like: I want to run away, I never loved you I only said it to get what I wanted, I don't know what love is, I think you are stupid, and many other things that would hurt me deeply. After a few of the things were said, I started to take away things to show her this was not acceptable behavior. It did not matter what I took from her she continued the comments. She lost toys, TV, a trip to a theme park, and the last thing to go at the end of the day was her pacifier. (Yes, I said pacifier, I know she is too old, but it was always an all out war to take it and I assumed she would give it up on her own.) Since, this day we have continued the bahaviors, and ahe is adding new things everyday. Day 2- She has added saying I Love You, and then saying I didn't mean that. Day 3- She has added that she can't stop saying these things. Something in her head is making her. She has withdrawn all affection, and seems very uncaring. Will not say I Love You. Day 4- I told her I didn't want to hear anymore hurtful things, and that I would talk to a doctor. She cries and says she has to tell me. She says she is stupid and will smack her head, not hard but like she is trying to get those words to go away. Day 5- Will not call me mom or her father dad. She refers to us as him and her. Day 6- Has added not saying please or thank you. Day 7- Has added an "I mean" after starting a sentence, and the continuing as if she never said I mean. She said it all day after every sentence start. Day 8- She has added saying "forget I said that" after evrything she says. More silent periods, looks mad alot. Day 9-She started yesterday with not saying anything at all, she would point or indicate with her hands what she wanted. She finally figured out that she couldn't get anything done and decided to talk again, but she would still say forget I said that or I didn't mean that after each statement. Today was her dad's birthday, and she would not say Happy Birthday. I told her no cake if she couldn't, and she was upset that she couldn't have cake, but still would not say it. I am sorry this is such a long post, but I thought something might ring a bell with one of you. My daughter has always show signs of ADHD, but her Dr. would not consider it at such a young age. Could this be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in combination with ADHD that was masked by the comfort of her pacifier? She is still asking for it daily, and crying for long periods at night for it. She says it is the only thing that would calm her down. I have an appointment with a child psychologist on the 9th of August, but I am losing my mind. I tell her I love her and she'll say...You Do? She has always loved animals and of late has seemed mean to them. Please does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for listening.