Help, advice needed, difficult child II needs to be hospitaliz



well today difficult child II really did it. He threatened our neighbor (his "friend") with an aluminum bat and hit his bike with it and his front door. The neighbor on the other side (we live in townhouses) came out and told him to stop and he flipped her the bird, sigh...................

Neighbor's Mom approaches D/H when he gets home from work and tells him what happened and that she's considering pressing charges, sigh.............. Now this is a "friend" I've always worry about difficult child II playing with, becuase he is a great "verbal" tormentor, and it's my guess this is what led up to this MESS, of course difficult child II is <span style="color: #CC0000">wrong</span>. But difficult child II is not sorry, he is actually being coi and catatonic saying "it's no big deal".

At what point do we have them admitted for impatient treatment? And how? Luckily he has a counseling appointment 2morrow. He is on Wellbutrin, Lexapro and Abilify and I have been telling them for a long time I did not think they are helping. thank you for any words of wisdom in advance I am very frazzled! :crying:


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I haven't been there done that yet, so I hope someone who has will come with better wisdom than me. It was my impression that you hospitalize when they are a danger to themself or others. For example, I've called crisis before because difficult child 1 was hearing voices and the oncall psychiatrist said to watch him closely and if the voices told him to hurt himself or others then to hospitalize.

You should have a crisis number to call. His psychiatrist should have it. Ours has it on his card and also on his answering machine. If in doubt call the crisis number. Good luck.


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They need to be a threat either to themselves or others. You need to get them to the ER and do a voluntary or involuntary commitment. The hospital social worker talks to you and difficult child is interviewed. They decide if they need to find them a bed or if they are going to discharge them. Another way is if psychiatrist thinks they need a psychiatric hospital stay and can arrange it.


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> first of all i don't understand when you say he is being catatonic. catatonia is a severe & serious condition. if he's acting out he's not catatonic.

criteria for admission is high ~~~ DANGER TO SELF &/OR OTHERS is the catchphrase used by the professionals. that essentially means he must be threatening bodily harm to himself or someone else.

you need to get in touch with-difficult child's psychiatrist & see what he thinks. would he recommend admission? can he maybe start with-a medication adjustment to see if things improve.

now if he goes into a rage you can try to transport him to hospital yourself ~~~ tho i would not recommend this, or you can call 911 & tell them you have an out of control mentally ill child who requires transport to hospital. both the police & the paramedics will respond. in all likelihood the police will be first on the scene.

start with-you psychiatrist....he can arrange for admission if he thinks it's the way to go

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I would get these boys together to discuss this one. Sounds as if the other boy may have antagonized a bit. Not that it excuses your difficult child, but it says there is less of a need for hospitalization.

Good luck at the psychiatrists - I hope they listen to you about medications.

Ask the doctor about a crisis plan. Then you will know exactly when hospital transport is necessary.

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While you may feel there is a need for inpatient help - that will not help you get difficult child admitted. There needs to be an ongoing risk to himself or others along with irrational thoughts, etc.

It's an iffy proposition whether a psychiatric bed will be available or not.

difficult child sounds like he knows his choices of aggression were wrong. What control does he have over his choices?

Will psychiatrist & therapist back up a need for a hospital bed?

Good luck at therapist's today.

Take some deep breaths this morning - it's a new day.

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by the way, I'm not making light of the situation yesterday...please know that.

I agree with the others of putting a crisis plan in place.

Document any & all incidents of aggression or self harming behaviors. Document any & all distorted thought processes, rages, meltdowns, etc.

In the meantime, have difficult child write a letter of apology to this boy & his family. It may help mend some fences.