help my son has odd and cd any one know any discipline tips

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    hiya all im new to this site and have 6 kids 2 with problems 1 with learning problems and 1 with odd and cd and is driving me nuts i cant find any support near me for his problems and his school have no bloody idea about his problems just ranting at me coz aparently its all my fault ect would also be nice if any one has any tips and advise as hes driving me and my family nuts with his mood swings and bullying of his sisters
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    Hi! Welcome to the crowd! It's a great group here and you'll pick up some major information.

    How old are your children? What type of diagnosis' have they had?

    I'd recommend a book called "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene. It's a quick read with a lot of information that will help you reign things in.

    Who diagnosis'd him with ODD and CD? There are some of us on here that feel that these are symptoms of "more fixable" diagnosis'.

    I've got to go, I've got an 18 mo. old driving me nuts with stickers!

    Come back often - read - write and join in - we've all get to learn from each other! Many hugs for you...sounds like you've been up against it alone for quite a while!

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    There is no magic bullet , but a process of building trust , relationship and skills. A kid needs positive people in his life - mentors, buddy-tutors , involvement with adults maybe through chatitable work , sports clubs etc

    I too recommend Ross Greene - collaborative problemsolving approach . It is not easy . It is also more about we changing ourselves and coping better , nurturing ourselves so we can be more creative and emotionally liberated

    check my blog especially the links

    I hope this helps , not easy
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    Hello and welcome.

    Here is a link to The Chandler Papers in the archives here

    Scroll down a bit and there is a very nice, fairly in-depth description of CD and ODD. How old is your son? CD is usually a diagnosis made last down the line, and ODD is often used as a catch-all term for "I don't really know what your son has." Many neurobiological circumstances can contribute to ODD. Has your son been tested? It would be worth a drive to get a neuropsychologist evaluation to help pinpont some of his problems. Does anyone in the family have mental, developmental or behavioral health symptoms like your son's, to give you a tentative starting place?