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    I'm new to this, forgive me if I am not doing this correctly. I need support. I am having HUGE issues with the school.
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    Welcome to our little spot in the world. What is going on with school? Does you child have a diagnosis?
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    He is 11 years old ADHD and ODD. He goes to a charter school and is at home right now for disrespecting teachers. Just found out about IEP's. Now I need to know how to navigate in here!
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    Adding in my welcome. I'm glad you found us-you will find much support here. Hugs.
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    Adding in my welcome

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    Welcome... looking forward to getting to know you and your difficult child... sorry you had to find us!!!
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    I hope you're finding what you need. When you g et some time to catch your breath, stick around and fill us in. Collectively, we've been there. Read the book, saw the movie, bought the T-shirt.

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    Welcome! I am still pretty new here myself, but the last week or so, I have learned so much helpful information. Glad you are here!!
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    glad you are here.... welcome
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    Welcome. Maybe you should post on Special Education 101. Something to think about: An ADHD/ODD is often the first diagnosis when it is really something else, therefore the stims don't work. You may want to get a second opinion. If your child hasn't seen a Psychiatrist (with the MD) or neuropsychologist, I highly recommend both. Therapists without MD's aren't the greatest diagnosticians, in my opinion. Look at your family tree. Any mood disorders or substance abuse on either side of it? Any neurological/autism in the family? Suicide attempts? Glad you found us.
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    Sorry you had to find us, but glad you did. You will find much support and information here.
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    Adding my welcome aboard, you have found a very supportive and informative place.