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    difficult child II has been so so SO BAD

    He is at the bottom of my steps right now hitting and kicking the wall, screaming at the top of his lungs that he hates me. My poor neighbors (we live in a townhouse), All because he went into the lake by our house with his new shoes and I made him take them off to clean them. I actually had to pry them off of his feet while he was squeezing the hell out of my arm............

    Psychiatrist just looks at me blankly when I try to explain he's getting worse not better!

    He has just stomped mud all over my carpet and kicked a hole in the wall.

    sigh..........he leaves the house after we've said no and he terrorizes the neighbor hood kids that know how to push all of his buttons.

    Any words of wisdom for a mom who's about ready to hop in her car and leave?
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    I have two boys on a rampage to it is so hard to cope when they are screaming to the top of there lungs that is why I am here I usually put mine in time out untill they get a grip but that leads to more screaming but will save the carpet i think big hugs
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    la la la hole # 2, guess i have to put spackle on the grocery list, la la la
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    Is he on stimulants? I know that stims can make kids who don't really have ADHD even worse. It sounds to me like he could have a mood disorder, but I am not sure they diagnose kids with mood disorders in NZ. If you are interested in learning about kids with mood disorders, check out the link below. If you lived in the States my advice would be to see a different Psychiatrist to rule out a mood problem. Do you have mood problems on your family tree? Substance abuse? Good luck and hang in there :smile:
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    Parkway South...........

    Sorry, had to make a joke.

    I'm wondering if he's on stims too?
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    He is actually on 25 of Abilify, 10 of Lexapro and 100 of Wellbutrin, but I have been telling them the wellbutrin makes him very nasty and now the Dr. is like ok just stop giving it to him, I though he had to be weened off it? His Dr. is leaning towards Bi-polar with Border line personality disorder.