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    Hi -

    My difficult child has been in the adolescent unit of a local hospital for two weeks today. They have a bed prepared for him at Springbrook Residential in Traveler's Rest, SC as soon as paperwork is completed. I am seeing terrible reviews online. Does anyone know anything about this facility? I am in a panic right now. Thanks.
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    I'm in MN so I know nothing...but wanted to offer my support. Wow, I see what you mean about the online reviews...but are you able to ask for another placement? I don't remember what brought your difficult child to the hospital...


    I haven't posted in quite awhile. There has been SO much going on. He has been having a lot of aggressive, destructive behaviors. This place is supposed to have doctors who have trained under the best Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) specialists. My lawyer/advocate thinks most of those reviews could be for the main residential program and not for the autism part, which is for the most part, separate. I just emailed the Autism therapist there. Hopefully she will get back to me. My lawyer/advocate says she has been there and has worked with a family whose child has gone there and had great results. She is going to try and see if they'll speak with me. This is such a heart breaking time. I just want to know that he will be safe and in a good place. The past several weeks I have seen such verbal abuse form police and medics that I have become so distrustful. Thank you for your reply...:)
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    Just sending supportive thoughts your way. I understand your anxiety as the first rehab I chose for easy child/difficult child turned out not to be of the quality I anticipated on recommendations. It's such a heartbreak when you've finally made a decision and then you have reasons to doubt. Your follow thru sounds right on target and I'll say a prayer that all is well. Hugs DDD