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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by llamafarm, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Glad I found this site. Today I went to look at the local respite facilities we will start using next week for our son. Yesterday it took both my husband and me to get difficult child to school. I drove and husband held difficult child in the back seat. It was very draining for both of us as you all well know. I've been looking into and doing the paperwork for respite for a couple months now, and finally we are ready to give it a try.
    husband travels quite a bit and I stay home with difficult child and ddd for days at a time. difficult child's worst behavior is the hitting, punching and kicking and fake punching and hitting (I am the biggest target). But things are escalating and the words are getting more and more disrespectful and ddd and I are unable to find a safe place in the house. We have the funds now to put good locks on the doors so we can be safe, but the entire situation is rediculous and sad. My husband came home from his travels and said he sees how wrong everything is at home after he has time away. So respite next week and a serious call the counselor by my husband (made yesterday) asking for more help.
    Wish us luck. We are trying so hard, but it gets so tiring!
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    Hi, have you posted before under a different says one post but you say you are coming back and of course because many of us have similar issues your story sounds familiar. Just wanting to remember if we have met you already!

    I can so relate to being the target and for the last several days there have been several moments like this.

    I really hope the respite goes well. IT really does make a difference to get that break. What is ASP?? ...sorry I can't find a reference to it.
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    Oh yes, sorry Aspergers, was trying to type AS, if that is the right acronym. No I am not returning with a different name, I found you all yesterday at the perfect time and have been reading off and on since. I set up my account this morning. It would be nice to know someone with a similar story.
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    Well, my son has autism and he does go after me too...and I totally get how wearing it can sad to say welcome on THAT note! But we are not the only will soon see.....

    I am so glad you found us because I think even when our kids are neurologically impaired, and we understand where it is coming from, it can be so wearing. It helps me so much to find people like you who understand. It is a strange thing to bond over but it is really nice to find people who get it that our kids are not horrible, but still very difficult to parent.