He's DOING IT!!!!

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    No, Star, not THAT it! :916blusher::bag::winks:

    A year ago my mom "helped" me by bringing over a shelf unit that was left over from an estate sale. It was in 2 pieces, a top and bottom. Just open pine shelves held together with angle brackets. We had NO room for it and it ended up squeezed in on either side of the living room.

    The kitchen/dining room ("open concept" so not really a separate room) had NO pantry and not much storage. I have been using a cheap shelf we got somewhere (small) and a sort of bakers rack/file cabinet that I found out for the garbage because it was missing a shelf.

    I have been WANTING the shelves moved into the "pantry area" since we got the shelves. Clearly I can NOT move them myself. husband refused to even think about doing it as it is not "his problem". GRRRR.

    Last weekend we talked about some of it. He started to slam off and do it on sat, "RUINING" his whole day. I pitched a fit. HIS choice what day, don't say yes and punish us by pouting and slamming.

    So he decided he would do it TODAY!!! And he IS!!!

    He even trimmed the one shelf to make room to put our small size fridge in there!!!

    NOW he is even putting the food back on the shelf and finding room for the other stuff!!!

    Go husband!!!!!!!!!
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    You gotta love it when they remember what you want and do it for you! (We're so easily pleased...)
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    Go husband!
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    Wow! Is there something he's been asking for - No, not THAT- that you can do for him to return the favor? A favorite dinner or something?? Maybe that would get him on a roll!
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    Please let me in on your motivating secrets!