He's home, so glad.

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    Well, for all the threats they said he was giving them, the whole thing was pretty typical difficult child. The followed my request and didn't tell him I was there while I was finishing all the paperwork and they were packing him (he came home with scrubs and three blankets, they blankets have tags on them like donated by the linus project, and the look homemade...). His nurse said they gave him a prn clonidine which is exactly what I was calling about when the doctor said he could go now. I am sure that helped. She said that she went to check on him and he was crying. Said he was worried about what he would do at home. I was able to get him to his riding after taking him for pancakes so that was wonderful. When we were eating he said that one of the kids had lots of imaginary friends and he didn't care if they laughed about it because he knew it was silly. He also said that some of the kids were there for "suicidal thoughts and feelings" and when they asked why he was there he just told them because he beat his mom up. OMGosh, we talked about why that happened and I reminded him he was on that other medication. he was not in the hospital because of that, he was in because he was on a medicine that made him not be able to control that. If kids just beat people up without a medical problem they wont go to the hospital, they will go to jail. I dont want him to think he can go there if he decides some day to just hit me, I dont think he would but I am covering my bases. (yikes, what an awful thing for a parent to have to say to their kid!) We talked about not discussing all of this at school because kids may not understand and may tease him and he will not be happy. We discussed that things about our medicine and bodies are private issues for talking to mom and doctors. if he wants to he can talk in private to ms c. and the nurse since that is his teacher and the nurse will help with medications etc. I am sure he will end up talking about it, he just can't hold it in.

    He did great on his horse ride too. We had to stop at the pharmacy and he did his usual walking up and down the strip mall, but waited great. He went nuts going outside and seeing his friends and I had to rein him in a couple of times. He went and got his halloween candy and shared it with all the kids. I love it when he is so sweet like that. He is now inside and even though the kids came out again, I told him we were done (I have to be next to him practically, it is just too much right now) and he said OK mom. He is downstairs watching his racing and keeps coming to tell me all kinds of news he missed. He just said he hears the kids outside, can he just sit on the porch? No, he would never stay so... Again he said ok.

    so, I told you about the weird thing where he couldn't be aroused yesterday when the doctor was there. He was just sitting on the couch and he said three times, mom, my stomach feels..... finally I said it is ok to tell me..he says it feels --and then he showed me with his hands. I said what does that mean, he said it is like when you get medicine to go to sleep. (he has had MRI's and gas at the dentist so???) I told him that some people do get weird stomach feelings with seizures so he needs to tell me, would he like me to write it on a list or would he like to write it down when he feels funny...he said he will tell me and I can write it. He will tell me as long as I dont say he has to go to bed...HAHA, I can do that. He always goes to bed ok anyway. He asked if we could work on my "no's". Hmmm, I said I will be willing to try. I asked if he knew why i probably had to say more no's than other moms, he said, OK I know...so I will try to stop my behaviors too. I said when that happens, lots more yesses will come your way!

    He has not been threatening or anything at all. just his usual inappropriate self, teehee. (not really too bad but if he was a typical teen people would be horrified I bet) on the other hand, I was listening to the kids and how they talk to eachother, so much of it is that he doesn't get the social rules for who and when to use such words and tone. Really it is not so strange that he says the things, just not ok he says them to ME or teachers or the principal!

    I am worried about his health. And he is 101lbs...was 96 mid september and 91 in august. I know that is why the medications are not working and he is so wild. He is so impulsive and I know if the concerta went up, or if we switch to straight ritalin then he would probably not struggle so much.

    Happy to have my baby home.... hope it goes nicely tomorrow. he has riding at 11 and an Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker will put in some hours after. he has Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) monday wed. friday so that will help us adjust. No more riding for a while...sigh. He really needs it.

    I am so relieved. thanks for all you guys did for me while he was out. I really needed the support and appreciate you all so much.
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    Very Glad he is home and acting normal! That is great that he took that "No" so well.:congratualtions:
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    YAY! Glad to hear he's finally home and you two can get back to your normal. ;)
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    Very good! I'm so glad he's home and so far, so good.
    I know what you mean about the conversations about other kids. Fascinating and horryifying at the same time.
    Fingers crossed for good things to come!
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    so happy for you buddy :) I hope Q's homecoming continues to go smooth and you guys get back into your normal routine soon. :goodluck:
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    Remember to turn back your clock tonight and hopefully you've both get some quality sleep.
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    So sweet.... I just wrapped him up in all his hospital blankets and pillows, gave him his medications, kissed his head and danced around him saying I was so happy my boy was home. He did the typical teen thing,....mom, you are embarassing me! But he was smiling and not cussing me out so, huge deal. He asked if he could stay up till 12:30. I always say yes on weekends, he NEVER stays up. So, it is always safe to do it.

    Stomach weird feeling happened again to him...said he felt funny. then it was gone again. So, weird. He also refused to go to the restaurant mens room by himself. I dont know why. He has gone to restrooms alone for years. They said he acted more nervous on the ride too, but he was good. just asked to get off and walk the horse during one part. Then got back on and rode the rest of the way. I hope this isn't triggering more anxiety. His discharge treatment diagnosis (not the full diagnosis that he has just what he was treated for) said mood disorder-not otherwise specified. seemed weird but whatever.

    Hey, did I tell you guys about the results of the second medication delay test? The neuropsychologist doctor who came to do it said it was a dramatic difference from the no medication condition to the medication condition. WELL NOW, isn't that a huge surprise. I mean, if it was my adhd nephew, probably he could have pulled it off anyway, but Q's doctor said no one will ever be able to question that he needs or doesn't need the medications again! they have objective proof and lots of anecdotal info from the medication error time too.
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    I am so happy for BOTH of you. Isn't it a nice feeling to have our REAL kid back? I know I'm loving it and I wish the same for you. Keep us posted on his progress (and yours).

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    Thanks all,
    He made me laugh again... I do look for those moments even when he is sounding crabby for hours at a time...

    Remember the nurse he likes...he had said that he knew she was probably too old for him. Well, at our pancake dinner he said, "Mom, do you think I could ever catch up to her??" so funny. I reminded him that everyone has a birthday every year. "Oh."

    He came to me earlier just to let me know he was OK. I am thinking he got asked that a lot over the past two weeks. Maybe I need a flashlight to go check on him every half hour??? haha
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    That is funny. That is exactly the type of thing difficult child 1 would ask me IF he ever had any interest in girls beyond playing with them. LOL
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    Glad it went so well - you can hear your mother's love through your words. Positive thoughts as you both move forward...

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    So glad he is home and doing well! I found your comment about your difficult child's comments being similar to others his age just that he says it to you and other adults interesting. My difficult child is very much that way.

    I think it is neat that he seems to have a lot of self awareness right now and is willing to talk with you about the hospital and why he was there (my difficult child never is like that).

    Hugs to you and again I'm glad the first day went so well.
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    That is the only plus side to his having no filter and no breaks...everything comes out, haha
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    Buddy....maybe I missed something...but was there any BIG change in medications.....I get a terrible feeling about this feeling on his stomach...my son was like that on Risperdal! Just kept on saying he feels so funny.....like there was a snake in his tummy! Had to stop the medications...made him more anxious to......
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    Good news, buddy. I am happy for you both :)
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    Yes, they decided to start lithium. Today he has had no complaints and wow he has done amazing even when we have had the usual conflict stuff, like...hey you got candy wrappers all over the floor, please pick them up... OK mom...he needed cues to get the ones he missed, he grumped, but DID it. HE was super at horseback riding. I got great pics. he loves this one girl, and she loves him.... turns out she is the daughter of the director of the program including the ranch for people with autism in MT and the city living apartments/retreat that they have in MN. I would like them to stay connected so if he is a good match, he could have a living option in the future. Their son is low-verbal and Autistic. He is a georgeous tall red head. They are so good to him and she has developed great skills, as many easy child's do. She is awesome with my guy. Just doesn't get thrown by anything. They doubled bareback on a horse today, really cute.

    Anyway, he has not complained about anything physical today, I wonder if he was just so in knots over the transition. He is really digging around looking for that game boy...what the heck did I do with hit. He is staying calm though, and I know it is really bugging him.
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    Glad he was better.....sorry to be a sore toe, but I would still keep an eye on some side effects for the medications!
    You sound so happy! I am really glad he is bit better, helps to restore some loving warm feelings! enjoy today!
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    Wow, he is really doing well!