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It's official - thank you has been accepted at the TLP program. He will be moving in about a week and a half. In spite of his initial ambiguity, he's extremely happy about it now. It's time. He has earned it.

I'm having a serious anxiety attack and probably will be in a state of hyperventilation until.... next year?? It's been a wicked long road. He left for Residential Treatment Center (RTC) #1 over 7 years ago.

I keep telling myself that my own anxiety (aka terror) is perfectly reasonable given our history but... phew/whew boy. I'm really pretty flipped out myself here. Didn't expect to be so nervous for him but... there it is, I guess.

I want so badly for him to handle this transition well. It's almost physical how badly I want this to be a success for him. He's worked so hard, done *so* well, even holding it together the past 6-8 weeks knowing that a change is coming and still not flipping out.

It's hard to be objective, but I *think* he's ready. He's certainly made more progress than ever before. Please oh please, let it be enough for him to maintain during the initial few months and then continue to grow.

Keep a good thought for old thank you. Some serious freedom and changes coming his way.


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Wow ~ Sue ~ he's growing up LOL! Congrats to him for being accepted and holding it together. I think that's great for him.

I'm sure he will, as all teens ~ even typical teen's do ~ will make his mistakes and slide along the way. Things will probably happen. Expect them, and maybe *if* something would happen, you wouldn't be so disappointed, but *if* nothing happens, you can be pleasantly surprised.

Deep breaths and one day at a time. I'm proud of all of you! Way to go, thank you!

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Oh wow! I am very excited and will be praying this transition goes well for thank you and that the coming months will show continued growth. I completely understand your anxiety and think it is very normal. You want what's best for him and you want this to be a success. Hugs to you.


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Well, this is good! thank you has grown up and it is time to try this out. Good plan, in my humble opinion. I am sure he will have ups and downs which will probably frustrate him. Hopefully, he will not be too hard on himself.

Fingers crossed this goes as smooth as possible! YEAH!!



Changes of this magnitutde have to be scary. It's impressive that he's holding it together. What progress!:grin:

I'd be anxious also. You have reason to be, but it does sound as if he's ready.

Positive thoughts headed your way. :angel:


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I will definitely be keeping you and thank you in my thoughts! It must be nerve racking for all - but oh so exciting!!!!! :grin:


Prayers and positive light coming yours and thank you's way. It will all be fine, mom. Time to trust in all the hard work and love you been practicing all these years. Jump and the net will appear.