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    Hey everyone!

    I know I put an update in a little bit ago in the Cooler, but ugh, time is just too short for me lately. I'm sorry I haven't been around, but geez, til I sit down here, it's bedtime :rolleyes:

    So, the kids are doing good. B finally, finally came home. It's funny, all the nitpicking, we didn't even go to court to reunify him. The attorney for CPS just asked the judge if he could come home, he said yes, and custody was returned :hammer: You know, I don't care LOL! He's home.

    All the boys are doing pretty well. B has only been home two weeks, so ~ we shall see. He's trying to get a job at Wendy's, going to day camp (all the boys are in summer camp at the YMCA), and being VERY helpful around the home. We do have a Family Based team in for his reunification, although we don't really NEED them. But, it's nice to have them for the "just in case".

    My sweet, sweet Dylan ~ we're looking into a local Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) for him. It's an 8-10 month program, specifically for children that are agressive and angry. It's not a phospital ~ it's intensive therapy. They have art, music, equine, horticultural therapies, family, group and individual. I think the program will be fantastic for him, although I have struggled with our own past of trying to get help and getting scre*ed over, hence, the situation with B. But, I have learned. CPS will not be involved. There will be no foster care afterward, they don't do that. I have checked into this and am moving forward at a turtle's pace.

    It is not that Dylan is being "bad", defiant, or out of control. That isn't the case. It is clear, now that he has been stable for so long on the BiPolar (BP) medications, that his emotions, his frustration, his anger, he must find a way himself to keep those at bay, without wigging out like he does. It's amazing how he can be so great for so long, months, then you say "hey, Dylan, you're holding that pencil the wrong way", and he freaks out. Blood curdling screams ~ seriously bad. So, we think this program is going to teach him skills he needs for life. I think it's going to be good. Then when the 8 months is over, he can come back home. I don't have to give up any custody, hand over anything to anyone, or get anyone involved. It's good.

    J's doing great. All the kids really are. Obviously, as you all know, the struggles with a Bipolar child is no fun. But aside from that, he's doing really good, they all are.

    SO and I have decided to get married on the beach at the end of the month. Down at Ocean City, MD. Just a very small ceremony, him and I, the kids, maybe SO's sister. Minister. Nothing fancy. He suggested it, I jumped on it LOL!

    Ok, time's up. I gotta get the kids up for camp. I'll try to pop in some, again, sorry I haven't been around. Hope you guys are ok!

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    It is great to hear from you after so many months. I missed your update on the WC.

    Good to hear that difficult child 2 is back home and doing well. I understand the "it's only been two weeks" comment. I hope this is not "honeymooning" and he has turned the corner and ready and thrilled to be rejoining the family. What a great thing for difficult child 1 and easy child to have an older brother around :thumbsup:!

    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials :smile:. You know, I'm originally from northern va, but I lived in Ocean City, MD in the summers from the early 70's until I went away to college. My first job and first boyfriend were in Ocean City!

    Again, it was great to hear from you. Hope you won't be a stranger.

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    Congratulations on both your upcoming wedding, which sounds lovely, and getting difficult child 2 home. Here's hoping he's in this for good and keeps us with helping out. I'm sorry to hear about Dylan but it sounds like you have it planned out.

    Your post sounds really positive and upbeat! I'm glad things are going well for you :smile:
  4. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    Hi Janna-

    It's great to hear from you. I'm so glad you checked in and gave everyone an update.

    I'm sure you're glad B is finally back home. Finger crossed that he does well. Good news that he has been so helpful in the home. I'm certain he's thriled at the chance to be back home again.

    Good luck with the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) with Dylan. It sounds like a good program and it may be really helpful in giving him more support and teaching him skills he needs. Is this program through the school system? Do they provide the funding?

    J sounds good too!!

    Enjoy the summer. I hope the kids have fun in camp!! I guess you're still working full time--

    Congratulations on getting married this summer !! Will you be able to stay for a night or two at the beach without the kids?!
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    Good to hear an update! Congrats on your upcoming wedding :smile: It's good to hear difficult child 2 is home-I hope things continue to go well! I hope the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) for Dylan goes well! You sound very positive about the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). Glad to hear J is doing well!
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    Oh, Janna! Married to your handsome SO!!!! Send me pix! I'll write you. Glad things are still going well.
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    Congratulations Janna on having B back at home and on getting married. It sounds like everything is going well for you!!! I hope that program at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) gives Dylan the skills that he needs. Everything sounds very positive!!!

    Things are going really well here as well. My son is still doing great on his medication combination. He passed four classes this school year and is in summer school catching up on 2 more. It is amazing how much can change for the better!!

    Keep doing well!!!
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    A great positive update! :bravo:

    Thanks for posting! Hoping it all continues on this path.

    And - CONGRATS on your upcoming wedding!! :smile:

    Sounds like a beautiful spot. I, too, hope that you and your husband-to-be get a few nights alone there!
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    It's so good to hear from you! I'm glad you finally have your boy home, I hope it continues to work out.

    Congrats on the wedding, I hope it all goes well. SO must be really committed - after all you've been through together, he's sending you a clear message that he's with you for the long haul.

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    I, personally, think my SO is off his rocker LMAO!!!!!!!! But, he wants to stick around ~ so who am I to argue :smile:

    I missed you guys, sorry to have been away so long. I have tons more I could write, but again, so short on time. My boss is out of the office today on vacation, so I'm hoping I can do some catching up a bit here.

    The updates are good, yes, but we've had our downs, specifically with Dylan. We are still, yes, still, playing with medications. The Lithium/Abilify was awesome, then, side effects with the Abilify as we increased to 20 mg. So, it's going down. His Lithium level, it's very clear he's going to do better above 1.0. The psychiatrist, he doesn't like it, but that's the way it has to be, so we're upping that again, dropping the Abilify. We tried Depakote, didn't do Dylan's tummy well, so that's off. Now we're gonna try Geodon. You know, one day, the medications just stopped working LOL! What are you gonna do? I knew it with the Abilify, I knew it would happen, the stuff just fizzles out. That's the way it goes.

    Yep, Jannie, still working full time. Surprised I haven't been fired haha! Ehh, whatcha gonna do.

    MWM, I'll send photos. I have tons on my MySpace page for anyone that would like to see, PM me ~ I'll give you my info. I'm private, so I have to invite you (or vice versa) (and P.S. ~ I'm loving your book, thank you thank you!).

    I'm gonna do some reading up.


  11. Shari

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    Great to hear from you, and always love good news! Way to go, warrior mom!
  12. 'Chelle

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    JANNA !! :smile: It's nice to hear from you. Congrats on the wedding, it sounds lovely. :smile:

    I hope the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) can give Dylan the skills he needs. And am very glad that you have B home. Hope he's matured to the point where he can recognize the good things of family and can deal with everything else as well (siblings :crazy2: - which is one thing that still bugs my difficult child completely).

    Your post sounds like you're doing well and liking life. Hope everything goes wonderfully for you.

    All good things
  13. flutterbee

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    I'm glad that B is home. Fingers crossed that the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) is just what the doctor ordered for Dylan. Congrats on the wedding!
  14. mstang67chic

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    Well lookey who popped her head out of her gopher hole! lol :smile: Glad to hear things are going good so far with B! And hope everything goes good with Dylan at Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). I actually think I MIGHT (fingers, toes and everything else crossed as well as knocking on the Redwood forrest) have difficult child possibly considering the adult group home for after he's 18. :dance:

    We shall see.

    Oh, speaking of difficult child.....I'm getting ready to post about his latest. You're going to love this one.
  15. smallworld

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    Good to "see" you, my friend. What a wonderful update. I'm glad to hear that everything's going so well.

    Best wishes on your upcoming wedding. Here's to many years of happiness together.
  16. Hound dog

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    Janna!! :smile:

    What a wonderful update!! :bravo:

    Major congrats on the upcoming wedding!! Sounds like it's going to be beautiful. Glad to hear B is home and that so far all is well. Keeping fingers crossed it stays that way. Wonderful news on the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for Dylan. Sure sounds like an awesome program.

    So nice to *see* you. We miss you, you know.

  17. TexasTornado

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    You sound soooo good! :smile: WHOOT!!!! I can tell just by the mood of your writing that you are in such a happy place right now.
    Ive been missing your posts...glad to get an update and Congrats on the wedding coming up-Youve found a keeper-eh? :)The program you found for Dylan sounds really great :smile:
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    Just happened to pop in myself and saw your post. I had to send my congrats on the upcomming nuptiuals. Glad the family is together again and that things are going well. -RM
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    Hey Janna, what a good update. Glad to hear B is doing ok, hope it sticks. And congrats on your upcoming wedding. Sounds very romantic.

    You sound very upbeat about the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), that's good. I was terrified when we placed difficult child in the second Residential Treatment Center (RTC), after the nightmare of the first one but it was absolutely the best thing we've done so far. They got the medications right, we have actual conversations, he lets himself have fun, and most importantly...he's stable and he's happy. Many wishes and prayers that this is the key for Dylan.

    Hugs, Iz
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    I would swear I responded to this thread already.

    Janna, it is good to hear from you. Sounds like things are moving right along. Sorry to hear Dylan needs a bit more intervention, but you are doing the right things to ensure his transition to adulthood later in life is doable.