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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Sorry I've been MIA lately. husband works out of state and just came home for a week (been gone 3 months) and life gets a little crazy for us while he's here.

difficult child is doing great in school(per teachers) and has been going all day for 2 weeks now. I've seen the aggression starting to creep back in since going full days.

I know some of this is him being very tired since he is now going about 2 hours longer at school. He does sit on his mat at nap time but does not sleep. He just holds his tiny toy shark and plays quietly.

He has learned so much in the last few months. He has memorized his 5 digit number to key in for his lunch :bravo: He can almost completely dress himself except for socks. He is just not the same child that started school in August. Teacher remarked he is just like the rest of the kids, completely normal (yes, with the help of lithium carbonate and Abilify :rolleyes:.

I thought since he was doing so well, I would try and get all 4 grandkids together while husband was home. Yes, I know, I'm insane. lol. I totally overwhelmed difficult child and he just couldn't handle the amount of ppl at our house and all of the noise. I ended up having to take him in another room and put him in a hold. He was totally out of control. But he was able to regain his composure and was able to return to the group in just a bit. So, what I learned was that he is now able to get control of himself much quicker and calm easier with the right help.

He does talk constantly it seems and is always moving. But all in all he is doing well.

Thanks for thinking of us, I'll try and catch up on my reading of posts.

Donna </span>

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Good to hear from you again Donna. I was wondering where you went. It seems that you have a good handle on how to deal with your difficult child and the medications seem to be working. Glad you are back in action. It has been quiet on this board for awhile with you and Running for the Shelter gone it has been lonely. There have been just a few of us left chatting. :smile:



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It is nice to see you back!!! I am glad the medications are helping. It sounds like difficult child has come a long way!!! Good job! It is hard when you are alone, sometimes you can't see you're achievements, so it is nice to hear that difficult child is progressing... and very "easy child like" HA HA

I love that one when someone says to me she seems so normal or fine...( in a nice way) and I think yeah but she is medicated and wait until we get home!!! But thanks!!!

But, a compliment is a compliment !!!


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Hi Donna!
One thing I did when Duckie was at her worst was try to keep our home as calm as possible. I would call in help to keep her busy when we would host family get-togethers. My helpers would take-over prep or entertaining duties if Duckie got out of hand, then I would be on Duckie watch. But truthfully, it was best for her if our house wasn't overwhelming to her because it was her safety zone. She tolerated outdoor parties a lot better than indoor parties.