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    hi to all,

    was busy today, i didn't go into office instead i took my time with my little one today, we worked thru her anxiety issues i brought her to school and i hit some hospitals. i went to several diff. ones spoke to several diff. people made some good contacts. found what i've heard is the best neuropsychologist guy on the island. i've begun harrassing him i put in 3 calls today. i made an appointment. with another neuro pysch just incase dont' reach him. not for 2 weeks though which stinks. alot. i'm trying to figure out how to relieve her anxiety right now. i believe the abilify is making it worse. so we're weaning her off tmrw. ok where are our little signature things at end of page?? ok anyway so i've chkd. out partial hospitalization and they are all more crisis intervention, she needs an evaluation.

    so starting tmrw. working way off yet another drug her sleep's probably going to go haywire. yet i have to relive the anxiety somewhat i do'tn know how else to do it.

    she's miserable all day, most of day i think she actually sang in music today that was huge. yet i watched her through window today she is sad and withdrawn other kids don't talk to her she is all alone.

    it made me so so sad to see her like that. i just wanna take her out of school and never make her go back. i'm so happy when she's with me again. she sees me and gets out of that bldg. adn her face comes back we had a great afternoon together doing homework drinking hot chocolate, reading together. she s' such a sweet kid i love her to pieces.

    ok i'm done rambling. two weeks seems like so long to have to go

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    i mean two weeks, then the evaluation then waiting for them to figure out what to type on report? so she's gotta go another what 3 mos at least without any true relief? ok sorry had to ramble more but i'm seriously geting ****** about this. we've tried every drug, anxiety medications' etc. sleep medication's nothign seems to do what it's supposed to do. we're in 6th week now and she failed two tests today, was in nurse's office 3 times. what kind of **** is that? after a while it just gets disgusting and i get really nasty that after 1 1/2 5 diff doctor's 6 or 7 no i thin it's more like ten diff medication's we're still here she's still suffering. i do not like dr.s' and if i was young enough i'd go back to school to study to become one and then i wouldn't charge anything and i'd know what i was doing. their all morans.

    okk i feel a little better now almost broke keyboard though

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    sorry you had it so rough
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    I know it's frustrating, but 2 weeks is actually very quick. Most of us waited much longer for that appointment.

    I know how hard it is. My heart broke for my daughter everyday when she wiped her tears and got out of the car and walked into school. I watched the other kids walking in and for most of them they just got out of bed, got dressed, ate and went to school. No biggee. But my girl had to muster everything she had everyday just to walk into the building. And then she was expected to do work. It's not fair and I would give everything I have to make it different for her if I could.
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    You're lucky it's just three weeks. It took us three months to get in to see Lucas' neuropsychologist, and it took him four weeks to write out the results, BUT they were very intensive, explanatory and helpful.
    medications are not the answer for everything. My son was on, in all, about twenty drugs. None helped him. He needed interventions, not medications. I hate when doctors ONLY think that medications will work and don't try anything else. I can't tell you how fast they pulled out that prescription pad for every single complaint we had. In retrospect, I get angry, but it's my fault for not being more careful. If I had it to do over again, I'd be far more cautious before medicating, especially if the medications weren't working well and we were playing the medications merry-go-round, which we did play. Sometimes I felt like my poor son was a guinea pig for the psychiatrists to experiment with. Poor kid.
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    thanks you all made me feel better. you are right 2 weeks isn't that long. guess just feels like a while now after two years. things can always be worse though. sorry so negative i think watching her struggle so is just getting to me.

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    Way To Go Warrior Mom!!!
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    Just wanted to congratulate you on your progress and send a hug for your hurt. It is so hard to watch our little ones struggle with things that should be so normal.
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    thank you. :)
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    Way to go for jumping on it like that! You're a great mom in being strong for her needs - you rock!!!:D