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Hi ladies. things have been really rocky here, so I have been away. B continues to do his stuff, mostly settled as long as my parents don't try to interfere with his "Magic" cards and games. He is trying with his little sis and bro. Very good with my niece(3yo)

Jess is homeschooling with me. She is still having lotsof days she feels really bad. But we are learning.

thank you still has not been evaluated. I have signed all forms and he is still liking school. He ends up with a migraine or major overload by the end of the week if he goes all 5 days. But his school is not upset with it. They are trying, at the school level. thank you played basketball at the Y and really loved it.

husband is doing well at work, TG. he has screwed up our finances, but I am letting go of that.

I am working with my doctor to find a treatment for whatever this disease is. Right now nothing is working and I am covered with infected sores from the psoriasis. But I am having fun with the kids, trying to be as laid back as I can.

You have all been in my thoughts and prayers, just have a hard time typing. I will check back later in the week.

hugs to all,


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Thanks for the update. It's nice that the school is cooperating. Finances can always be straightened out later. Glad to hear thank you likes school and had fun playing basketball. :grin:

Make sure you take good care of yourself.



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It's good that the school is working with him. That's always a plus. Glad that B is good with the 3 year old. I'm sure it's nice to have fun with the kids. I need to work harder at that, myself. Take care of you, though. Your health is important.