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    Hi there, I'm karmadestiny...I'm from Birmingham, United Kingdom...My 10 year old son was diagnosed with Adhd and aspergers Syndrome 4 years ago...It took 3 years before he was diagnosed...The last few years before his diagnosis and since have been very tough to say the least...Just need some support and any hints from other parents out there who are in similar situation...Looking forwards to making some really good friends...the forum looks alittle complicated, hopefully I will find my way about...
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    Hi! To find your way around go to the "Site Help and Resources" forum. You'll be able to see what you need to do to navigate your way around.

    Welcome to the crowd - you'll find a lot of experience, strong shoulders and sage advice from the group.

    How old is your son? Is he taking medications? Any siblings? You can put all that in your signature - it makes it easier for us to remember one another!

    It's a great group of people who care deeply for one another and our kids - I'm glad you found us!

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    My son is 12 but has the same diagnoses. Can you tell us specifically what kinds of problems you are having? A signature would also be a big help. My other questions are the same as nvts'. Welcome to our "family". These are the strongest sets of shoulders I have ever leaned and cried on. You have come to the right place.
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    Heya hon. My kiddo hasn't been properly tested yet but does exhibit some Aspie traits (as do I). There's a thread of recommended books in The Watercooler somewhere, you might find a few extra resources there to help you as well.
    Where on the spectrum is your son? Some kids are more severe than others, some are better at compensating than others, so what are his strengths and weaknesses right now, and what causes him the most frustration?
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    Hi KarmaDestiny.
    My son is an Aspie and is 14. Not sure if he has a mood disorder, as well. Can{t tell which is all Aspie and which is outside that.
    He is highly functioning and flies under people{s radars. It actually makes the problem worse because when people first meet us, they don{t believe me. Luckily, the teachers at his new school get it, for the most part.
    Tell us more about your son.
    Does he have sensory issues_ Temper tantrums_ Allergies_
    Sorry about the weird punctuation. This keyboard won{t behave.
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    Just adding in my welcome, glad you found us!
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    As one "newbie" to another, welcome!
    Is your son in mainstream education? Do you feel the support you have in the UK is good? Is your son taking drugs for the ADHD? I'm British too but haven't lived there for years and am out of touch with what is happening on these questions.
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    Hi Malika, its great to hear from you, still finding this site a little ovewhelming and alittle confusing to use;)p...Yes my son is in mainstream school...His 10 this June and I have kinda been concerned about the oncoming secondry education in a couple of years...I have struggled to get any help with him since he started nursery...He also has toileting issues that have dogged his life since he was two...His paediatrician wanted to put him on medications the very first time he was diagnosed which initially took 3 years to do, but I refused...I asked for any practical help or hints they could give to help him rather than putting him on medications that had very severe side effects to them...Luckily his doctor was ok with this and didn't push me but he couldn't actually signpost me towards anyone who could help so I was left to deal with everything by myself and told if I in the future I wanted to rethink my refusal to medications to get back to them...going abroad for a month long holiday and my son being out of his comfort zone and his normal routine his behaviour went absolutely crazy and I found it very difficult to handle him so I thought maybe the medications would just help calm his system down and give me time to look for ansmwers elsewhere...He was put on Respiridone 5mg initially but they didn't do him any good and made him incontinant...than he was put on Medikinet for over a year, his doses were changed to try and find the correct dosage, though it did make alittle bit of difference to his behaviour at school, it didn't do anything for home...I decided as there was no difference in his behaviour when he was at home there was no point poisoning his body for little reponse, so he was only on medications during week days and I learnt to cope with him on weekends...Last September when he started year 5 his new teachers noticed that on a few occasions that he missed his medications at school his behaviour was no better or worse than when he was on them...they suggested we stop his medications and they would try to cope with him as he was...I talked to his doctor and he agreed saying if there ever came a time when he would need them just to get in touch...since than his been doing ok behaviour wise at school, though educationally things seems to be getting harder for him to deal with...at home his constantley getting into trouble not listening to anything we say trying to force his own independance and want to socialise with kids much older than himself...My son Yousuf is also adopted by us...what a coincidence:) When was your son diagnosed?

    P.s I'm not sure of how to read your full post? I hope to hear from you soon Malika...Yasmin x