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    Well, I'm back. Lurking forever but really needing to rejoin the folds again before I truly loose my mind. I've posted in the other forums. I didn't want to overwhelm with everything all at once so I've picked a couple most pressing issues for the moment.

    These days I'm a prisoner of my own world of difficult children/house. I generally get out for appointments, sometimes groceries. That's about the extent of it. I know there are a lot of you out there that are in the same boat. Our existence of human contact is at a minimum and a computer screen probably is the most contact we get. In my case, it has been just looking at words or watching something here or on tv. I needed more.

    I needed to come back.
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    I was thinking of you yesterday. I was looking for a new donkey avatar, and the laughing donkey toy came up. (I'd never seen that) lol.....I have the laughing MONKEY and trust me poor little thing is nearly thread bare from use, and it works WONDERS (thank you) and I still think of you ever time I turn him on for a good pick me up. Still makes me chuckle when you said "You got a MON-key? I thought I ordered a DON-key - have to stop watching late night tv." You are hysterical gal.

    I know what you are saying too about not getting out of the house, and I think I know why dogs put their heads out the windows when they ever do get in the car. I haven't been out of the house in over a week. DF forced me to take a ride to the store last night and when we got on the road - he picked a senic route. I found myself enjoying the wind in my face. It wasn't so bad being around people. When I get in my funks; I'd just as soon not be around anyone. The change did me good. He was patient about me using coupons and I managed to get over $100 in food for under $44...He HATES couponing, but I got a lot of things that we both can eat for a while. (THANKS AGAIN)

    Good to see you back in the ranks.....the cat is very pretty is that one of yours? Hows the one that carrys around "ME STUFFY?"

    Hugs & Love
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    You're welcome for the "donkey". LOL Coupons? LOL....that reminds me....meant to tell you about coupon meet ups if you haven't heard. Something you might like. Yup, involves people of course but might be something of interest if you have them or might want to start one if you don't. I'll send email about it.

    Yes, it is one of mine. That would be Danie. 11 month old long fur all white Angora rescue from shelter along with another sibling sigyn (seegan-greek name oldest kiddo's furkid name she gave) who is an 8 month old long fur greyish calico like coon we suspect (big and fluffy furkid).
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    Welcome back :)

    I'm pretty much a hermit these days too. I'm not sure I'd call it a "prisoner" of my own home yet. I just don't want to have to deal with people's drama and "junk", not to mention their attitudes ect. My girls tend to drag me out on a fairly regular basis, and will hound me until I agree. They know me well enough to know not to give up too easily.

    I got out yesterday and today to get garden stuff. I splurged a little and picked up some flowers. I was cautious though, and didn't buy too many 1. because honestly it's too early for them and 2. because in the past I've always bought too many and had to give them away. But I needed something "pretty" in my life to look at, and I look forward to my flowers every year, so I splurged.

    Speaking of coupons, there is a Planters peanut butter one for 1.00 on walmart's site and one for country crock on coupon.com that makes it free at kroger. :) (makes the peanut butter 1.79 there too) Thought I'd pass that along.

    I'm now trying to talk myself into going out into 80 degree heat to plant said flowers. Normally I'd do it in the evening, but my evening schedule is full. I might hold off until early tomorrow morning.

    Now I have to go look for your other posts. I mostly hang out in here or PE these days. I only get to general every once in a while.

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    Hi Hound,

    Yep, we're (ok oldest difficult child) doing the gardening thing this year too since we know we're staying put. We need to talk to the local extension office though first to learn about the soil and planting issues for our area. The dirt seems to be mostly like clay I think which isn't real great so we need to enhance it so we're hoping they will tell us what we need to know, which I'm sure they can and will.

    I did get a bunch of all white and then burgandy (one of my favorite colors) pansies for a small area next to our driveway that middle difficult child is going to be tending that I had told her was "all hers" so she had "just for her" something since she must have her own things. LOL

    Youngest difficult child gets to tend all the other areas like in front of house but that's because he will need assistance from SO who will be tending all the other landscaping issues. I can't do any of that stuff. My body won't allow any of it sadly. I get to "supervise" it all and have say of everything. I think I like that better! :)

    It's been mid 80's the past week and I'm loving it. Cold weather doesn't work with me at all anymore, nor does rain but it seems we get a fair amount of rain here. If I could only get used to tornado warnings I'll be alright. More here then when we were in NC and here we don't have a basement like we did there! Yikes
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    OHhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr people...................:) exhales.........oh okay........send it to me...............snort.

    GAWD how I lovvvvvvve people.
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    Hey Tia...you do cats. Have you ever seen the Savanahs? OMGosh those are sooooooo adorable! If I didnt have these oodles of puppies which will turn into Nina and at least one more dog, I would look into starting to raise Savanah's. They are just to wonderful for words. Maybe when Nina and Jethro Gibbs pass on I can go back to cats.
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    Janet, I do like cats over dogs most of the time unless dogs are like maltese, yorkie, or shih tzus and that's because they are small. Since I can't really get around well dogs require more then I can really handle these days and I prefer a dog that can be a lap dog. Cats I've always loved long furred angoras. It's the only fur that doesn't seem to effect my allergies (go figure).

    We have a red bone coon hound (pure) from a shelter now but that's only because the "family" didn't want a little dog so the day I went to pick one out they didn't have a little one and our baby was in the kennel looking at me while all the other ones were barking away like crazy. It was crazy. She had these really sad eyes. She's walk to the back but then come to the front to me kind of scared but not. Most people would be like why taking one that was acting like that? Well something just told me she was the one and her eyes just sucked me right in! She was gorgeous. She's been the best. She never barked (most say coon hounds bark like crazy) until after her litter (recall I told you how she came to us pregnant :( ) Her 1 male pup apparently taught her how to bark. It was the funniest thing the first time she did bark. Scared the beezus out of me! She still really doesn't bark much at all, if ever.
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    I have a havanese which sorta looks like a maltese but it is in the bichon family.

    Funniest thing with Nina now with her puppies and her pen. She has never been house trained but since we put her back outside in her pen she has decided that she doesnt want to go potty in her pen anymore for some reason so she will jump out of her pen, go potty and have a bit of a romp and then go jump back into her pen with her puppies! Her pen is only 3 foot tall but she had never jumped it before. Or maybe its 4. I dont know. Its the lower size that the pens come in. Not the 6 foot ones. I had been running out and putting her back in and trying to figure out how she was getting out because I couldnt find any holes so I was figuring she was jumping the fence. Then I saw her through the door as I was about to walk out to put her back just hop right on over and I though...you little minx. LOL.
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    Janet, she's doing that because the pen is now the "bed" area for the pups and so generally the dogs won't sleep and poop in same area. Pups might as they age cause they won't be able to get to anywhere else. When we were fostering the litter of pups from the red bone we divided up the play yard at first when they were little, thinking that some people won't do the outside training (some just don't unfortunately) and I certainly could not physically take 6 pups out several times a day since my body just doesn't allow it and kiddos were in school (they were helping with all the care) and the local rescue suggest pee pads. So anyway, we had such a large area for them that we were able to divide it up that we had sleeping area and an area that we had pee pads. Once weening started we could place feeding bowls down (only at feeding time and then remove) at the opposite end of pee pad area. Mom sometimes hopped but most times she just let us know when she wanted in or out of the area as the time came for weening naturally. It was kind of nice. Though she is strictly inside dog.

    I did forget to answer you about the savannahs. I do like the looks of them, like little cheetahs. I'm still partial to my long furs though. I think it would be funny looking to have a long furred savannah don't you? LOL