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Hi everyone! Haven't been on - the regular "stuff" hit the fan and I had to thin out my activities to stay on top of the usual garbage from the demons! I just need to make sure that you all know that I've kept all of you in my thoughts, prayers and heart and miss so many of you...in truth, I just needed a break from so many things and couldn't get anyone to help. In a way, I think I was "in hiding".

Hope everyone is well! Missed you all!

Beth :)


Good to hear from you! Your sense of humor and great writing style has been missed. Please update us on your family.
I don't post much but I check in frequently and keep all of our gigs in my daily thoughts.


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Oh Beth...I have been thinking of you lately and hoping you were doing okay. Glad you checked in with us. I have missed you.


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So lovely to see you Beth. I'm not around often anymore, and popped in today only to find your post. Feels a bit like a reunion. Many hugs, and a bowl of butter cricket soup for old times sake. Trinity.

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