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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by witzend, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. witzend

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    I have no idea where he is sleeping. I find it difficult to care at this point.
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    Sorry, Witz, but I do understand.

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    Hope you're doing something nice for yourself, even if it is a cup of tea or a book, or favorite show.
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  5. witzend

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    husband and I talked last night after he got home. He was so tired he was loopy. We both agree that at this point we are angry and this is the end of it. (Other than paying for therapy and medications as promised.) He's made no forward progress. It was a summer of "bail me out" of whatever discord he had gotten himself into. I need to print up the detachment list & keep a copy for myself and pass one along to husband. I'll give M a list of food lines and shelters. He really probably ought to apply for Social Security if he is truly unable to care for himself. I'll look up some programs and that's as far as I am going. husband is going to tell him that he's a man now and we're done cleaning up his messes until and unless we see some maturity. Such as living somewhere on his own two feet for longer than 4 weeks without storming out angry at someone into the rain with nowhere to go. Or dropping out of school so that there is no financial aid and then expecting more money next term.

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    Many hugs, Witz.
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    Oh Witz I'm sorry. I think I may be right there with you some day. I want to hope things are going to get better and sobriety will last but I know better. It's time we take care of ourselves.

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    I too am sorry.
    I am all too familiar with this pain (from many ...if not all...the angles).
    It was seriously hard for us to make the decision to apply for SS Disability for our daughter. Each case is different. Each decision to even apply is a tough one. Our case was rather clear....and it was still tough.
    AND letting her make very serious mistakes...pay the consequences for her dangerous and scary choices...also very very tough. We too offer our daughter help with medications, medical tx and the like. She applies for jobs...BUT...
    I CAN tell you that ever since we pulled away, although things are still 'highly irregular' for lack of a better way of putting it....she is almost always respectful to her father and I.
    Things are still hard...but at least this part of it is much better. Always a tug at the heartstrings.
    husband and I have learned to practice self care and move forward.
    BEST decision I (we) ever made in my life and I hope to help others professionally with this type of thing.
    Sending good thoughts...prayers for strength and wisdom for you and your husband.