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I'm curious....with my 9 year old son diagnosed with odd, adhd, and tourette's (as well as being obese) i able to collect ssi for him???? a friend of mine mentioned it awhile ago, and i never really thought anything of it...i work for the us postal service as a carrier, so the bucks with overtime aren't too bad, but things get very tight and rough with having to take him to doctors so much as well as his medications...also, if i am allowed to collect for him, wil it affect him later in life for when he can hopefully work and then retire as well (boy...that's a huge future rush) thanks...i'm just curious


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The best thing to do is to apply and they can tell you if you meet the income and medical qualifications for the program. There is no way we can possibly tell you based simply upon guessing.

It all depends on family size, income, some on bills, etc as far as income. The medical is far more cut and dried.