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    I'm familiar with paypal on a very very beginning level. I got in on it when they were starting out pretty much.....did a little this/that with them, so many years ago I forget why or what I bought, or how to even get into my acct.

    So that is my knowledge of it......basically you use it to buy/sell online.....that's about all I know.

    Katie came through with a date/time at the very last minute. Then added that she had to stop off at the drug store and pick up alex's inhaler. Ticked me as she should have already had that but as camp won't let him stay without it because it's a medication required for the asthma......I let it slide.

    Once she got a yes on that one.........she went to husband's fb page and told him she got a check from paypal and would he stop and let her cash it while they were taking alex to camp. Now I didn't see this post before I left this morning to go over to easy child's house or I'd have told him NOT to do it. I'm tired of we agree to take her somewhere and next thing we know there are 10 other places tagged on and it's an all day event. And the whole paypal thing threw up a major red flag for me. easy child spotted the post to her dad while I was over there and told me about it. Odd, but the whole family had the same reaction. What the he!! is she getting a check from paypal for?

    Now it could be for something perfectly innocent and legal.

    Not one of us believe this is the case.

    I lost it and snapped at husband when he said he took her to the only place in town that would supposedly cash it. (which is crud as Travis is paid via paypal all the time, Nichole's husband was too and could cash them anywhere) But to be fair, he didn't know not to.......and other than being irritated at her for adding on another stop he didn't think much about it.

    I suppose she could be selling some of the big ticket items she's been buying, but I doubt it. That would mean a 5 mile walk into the heart of downtown to ship it, unless she took a taxi. And I don't see her selling those big ticket items that M covets about all else. He'd take it to a pawn shop first....also that walk into the heart of town, with the hope of getting it back. M won't part with his computer, nor alex his......that playstation is meant to keep alex quiet, so that isn't going anywhere, the DSI or whatever it's called is meant to keep Kayla doubt it left......and that leaves nothing left to sell.

    I asked husband if he asked her why she was getting money from paypal. She told him she got it for selling her FrontierVille acct from FB with is totally BOGUS! Outright lie. You can't do that with fb and myspace games. People do it with the games that are there.......but their accts aren't linked to their fb or myspace pages. And please, no one is gonna BUY a frontierVille game.....phht. The games that sell are the super popular ones that people spend small fortunes on to build up. This does not describe either katie or M.

    So I know she's lying about what she sold.

    Nichole says that the Jo lady she got hooked up with that had her and one of her bff's cashing checks for was first done via paypal, then western union when people stopped cashing the paypal ones. Jo had taken out credit cards......was running a scam somehow online where she was getting cash from that credit card and having it sent to her, first paypal and then western union.....which is why when Nichole and bff went to the cops, she couldn't leave town fast enough.

    I have no clue how such a scam would work, or if there was some way katie and M could have found out about it and are trying it or what. I do know that they have horrible credit, but then so did Jo.

    I don't know enough about paypal to know what all they can use it for either. But I know I've got a lot of wise people here to help me think on this one.

    Maybe they did sell some of the big ticket items. But it would be far simpler to take them to the pawn shop than to ship them to someone and wait for a check in the mail. It's not how they work.

    So fellow YOU buy the FrontierVille source of cash?
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    I know quite afew of these scams since I mqde a living with ebay and Paypal until I got TIRED or all the scams.

    Anyway, She could "buy" something from herself using a stolen CC. Then she gets check and cashes it. That something she bought doesn't even have to be anything. Essentially she could be Mary Jo Smith paying Katie for literally anything - Paypal does not care. I don't think she could pull this off with her own card, but if the card had M's name on it, that would work. If she is stealing cards and doing this, the second ppl start reporting stolen cards, and SEVERAL transactions paid to Katie ALL with stolen cards, she will get shut down. Unfortunately, I don't think PayPal cares enough to report her, but they will turn over ALL info if authorities come asking for it.

    by the way it's a COOL evening here in Virginia!
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    I do not. I refuse to pay real money for virtual items.

    Since you say they wouldn't sell any of their "toys," the only other thing I can think of is some kind of Internet porn stuff.

  4. Star*

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    Information that should answer your pay pal questions.

    As to answering your Katy questions and what she's selling? It's anyones guess. But I'd be checking around the apartment to see if the kids new toys are stlil there. X used to do this - buy really expensive "guilt" toys for a child that was too young to really need them - and then a week or so later when Dude was good and well in love with the bike, the truck the whatever - X would go to him and explain to a four year old how it was is DUTY to sacrafice for the family but later he'd BUY HIM SOMETHING TWICE as nice!! Then tell everyone how grown up Dude was for being such a big man. (barf) Never said what a 'small worm" he was. And that kid NEVER forgot those PROMISES either and I had to hear about them for YEARS and YEARs.....and part of the reason he went to FL - was to make Daddy Disney make good on his "promises". Dude is STILL angry about them.

    So I have no clue Hound.
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    If Frontierville is on FB they've have to sell the entire account, not just the game. Whole thing sounds hinky to me. A Paypal check shouldn't present any more problems than a regular check when it comes to cashing it. Is there some reason she doesn't have a bank account?
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    well I dont even know what a frontierville is and I dont play any games on FB nor would I even pay a dime for one so I have zilch on that one but I do have paypal.

    Most paypal accounts are linked to a bank account...I thought they all had to be to get them started up. Maybe I am wrong. People may be able to get a paypal check from someone who has a paypal account even if they dont have a paypal account, Im not sure. I know I can give people my email address and send them a "bill" and they can pay me for an item even if they dont have a paypal account. I think she if full of koi...yep. I dont trust difficult child's. I dont trust checks from the internet unless I know why Im getting the check and I requested it. Just me but I know that I am not related to the King of some foreign nation whose second wife has cancer and they have locked the fortune in some small cave in Iraq and they need me to wire my life savings to Portugal in order to get Prince William's first born son a new race horse.
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    I signed up for a Paypal account years ago and I suppose I still have it but I've never used it. But I thought too that it had to be linked to a bank account. In fact, when I signed up, you had to give them your account number and they would deposit a very small sum of money in to it to verify or something. Seems it was around dollar, not much, but I always assumed that it was linked to a bank account.
  8. HaoZi

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    You have to link it to start with, but you can drop those later. You can be paid for stuff online with Paypal, then request a check from them to withdraw your money if you don't want it to go to a bank account (or don't have one on there at the time after you've done all the preliminary confirmation steps).
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    You need an account to set it up, but I don't think you have to keep that account current. My accounts never get rechecked. the only time I get an alert is when a CC reaches the expiration date. Even canceled cards remain "active" until I remove them.
  10. HaoZi

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    I've used it for years and been between accounts when moving and whatnot. As long as everything gets confirmed first it doesn't matter. You can even add money to Paypal using a MoneyPak.
  11. donna723

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    Could she be selling things on eBay, like some of the things that people donated to them when they got the apartment?
  12. CrazyinVA

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    I've used PayPal for years, but the money goes to and from my bank account directly. I've never requested a check. I guess I don't know why anyone would request one if they had an active bank account to which funds could be deposited. Who writes checks any more, anyway? :)
  13. AnnieO

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    I sold some MTG cards on eBay a few years back, and got paid thru PayPal - but I never linked it to an account, nor did I ever get a check. The state has me on their unclaimed funds list. I need to get off my kiester and get that $20...

    As for FrontierVille - WHY would ANYONE? It may be a Zynga game, but it's LAME. I can see FarmVille, or Mafia Wars. Those are the most popular. But even so - HITH do you de-link it from your fb account? How would you sell it? No, don't answer. It's just weird.

    She's full of male bovine manure, honey.
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    She is selling porn or caught in a scam would be my guess. The checks from paypal are likely so it cannot be tied to ehr bank account or because she had them sent in a name not her own and has fake id in those names. No way is she selling a fb game.

    I have a sick feeling that it is payment for some type of porn. She can say it is for anything she wants but the only reason for such a truly lame lie is that it was for something illegal. But it could be part of a check cashing scam. I don't know if she and M are good enough to scam people out of money in a scheme like Nichole got caught up in. Seems l ike M would jump at the scams though because he is so interested in easy money.

    I think you and husband need to make a firm policy that unless it is for something like alex's inhaler you do not take katie anywhere but the agreed upon place. I would do it because I wouldn't want to contribute to her scams - regardless of which end she is on, Know what I mean???
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    Well, Star you might've hit the nail on the head about selling the kids guilt toys, I could easily see him doing it.

    But it's their M/O to take the fastest/easiest route to cash. Selling something online and waiting for a paypal payment sounds like to much work. You have to package and mail what you're selling, then wait however long for payment to arrive. I have a feeling M would go the pawn shop route before doing that, walk or no walk.

    With the excuse that the local supermarket (not a chain market) not far from was was the ONLY place in town that would cash it.........when we have 3 cashland type places and oh at least 5-6 banks, walmart cashes checks, krogers does too..........makes me think it's probably a scam like that Jo woman's and they're running out of places to cash it. Katie has no bank acct, neither does M. So if a credit card were to stop payment.......whoever cashes it is out the money, right?

    Dunno. Do know if he's selling porn, he'll be caught. We got cops working the area for that sort of deal. Have had since the kids were in HS. Just a matter of time. Same with a scam. They were closing in on Jo and Nichole and her bff handed them the rest of the evidence they needed by coming to them....

    I DO know that Evony players sometimes (it's fairly rare) can sell their high end games.....but these are games that have been advanced to the HILT by buying thousands of dollars worth of game items. Seriously. I've know players to drop 500 bucks in the game with the opening of a new server so they can start off in the same place they were on the server they were leaving. Insane....yeah. But they do it. These are the types of games that sell. Katie and M are no where near the same league, not even in their dreams. IF they tried to see a game, they'd get laughed off line. lol

    It's nut jobs that soak thousands into the game that made me stop playing Evony although I was a good player. You can only compete so much with that sort of thing, then it gets old and makes the game itself unpleasant to play.

    And yeah, I told husband that I believe it's some sort of the least some sort of illegal activity and we're staying OUT of it completely. Once we pick Alex up from camp there will be NO MORE transporting katie and family anywhere. We're done. Heck, I'm tempted to fake car trouble to not have to pick him up from camp. But I won't leave him stranded out there.
  16. HaoZi

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    Doesn't take long at all to get the payment, and like any retailer that payment will be made before the item is sent. Using Paypal you can get the payment in minutes. Provided they're even sending the item.

    And don't get me started on Evony. I knew some of those players that would drop over 1k a month on that game.
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    Lisa I have a sick feeling I know what they are selling and you are not going to like it one bit. It wouldnt cost them much in mailing fees, they wouldnt have to walk to town, the Post office would drop off the mail supplies at their house even and they would get paid through paypal.

    Ok, are you ready? worn girls underpants. Unwashed. Fetish material
  18. HaoZi

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    Sick, but better than photos of the kids themselves.
  19. Star*

    Star* call 911

    They HAVE to have a bank account to have PAYPAL.......HAVE TO ----

    They can RECEIVE PAYMENT in the form of funds Direct deposit OR check sent to them - BUT IN ORDER TO START a PAYPAL account ? YOU HAVE TO have a bank account - and HAVE to be verified with your bank via a ".50 cent or 1.25 (low amount) deposit)" and keep an active bank account.
  20. HaoZi

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    Only to start with, and she could have done that years ago. I've been between accounts, and really they never check to see if it's active account after you verify.