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    Good Morning everybody. Tommy had good day at school yesterday. Called his easy child 2 to ask if he would have lunch with him in school today. easy child 2 (24) basically said no, even though I tried to explain to him how much it would mean to Tommy. easy child 2 apparently "promised" Tommy last week that he would come this week. I really don't know what wording was used. Any2way, he couldn't stop talking about it this morning. He got to school ok but called me about 45 minutes telling him he was getting upset (I told him he could call me if he felt like he was going to get really upset). I tried to explain that this is easy child 2 only day off and he has the right to do what he wants. Plus, he's picking Tommy up from school today and will have him for several hours. I told Tommy that I left some money for the two of them to get some dinner. He was annoyed but agreed. I have called the school twice and so far, so good. husband is away on business till Thursday. This is always an extra-stressed week for me. It happens once a month. We opened a small business and if I have to go to the school, I'll have to close the store. But the thing I'm most worried about right now is Tommy having a major meltdown. I have no more energy for it. I can't begin to guess how much damage this does to all our bodies to be constantly on high alert...it's a horrible feeling. May be a Cabernet Savignon night for me...lol
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    I feel for difficult child having his hopes dashed and promises broken. Hopefully he will focus more on spending time with easy child 2 after school and this evening and not stew over it all day. I know difficult child 1 has that problem. He stresses over "but you said" and can't get past it sometimes. He just doesn't realize that sometimes, life happens and you can't control other people.

    Here's hoping it's a good day.


    I just spoke to the dean of students. She said it's been a hard day but he has a wonderful person "shadowing" him and he's making it so far. She said she prays for him every night and loses sleep over whether they're doing all they can for him...AMAZING!! There are still good people out there...:)