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    RE: victory junction Victory Junction

    Do you think he would have a chance???? I will go through it carefully. I hope that his "behaviors" wont rule him out. That would be the best experience of his life. He LIVES and has LIVED for NASCAR since he was a young child. Memorized every number and driver the very first time he ever watched NASCAR. He has learned to read through going online and reading about NASCAR. Only this past year has he expanded to other sports, but NASACAR is the main deal. He is pretty upset that he has missed races in the hospital (apparently other kids and staff dont share his obsession).

    Thanks Janet and TeDo, really cool idea.....
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    Not a pity party, (I make sure I find things for him to do but in terms of stuff like this...) just the truth...there really is no place (camps etc.) for a kid like mine, esp. when you dont have money.......bummer.:2dissapointed:
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    I wonder how autism can be on their list and then they say the kids have to be socially competent???
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    You should call and talk with staff and ask them buddy. Seriously. Because that contradicts itself in a huge way.

    But I'm wondering if in this environment, if many of difficult child's behaviors would vanish........

    My mom wanted in the worst way to send Travis to Space Camp. Travis' obsession is space.....Star Wars / Star Trek ect. I can't remember now if it was some of his physical dxes that were the issue or if she couldn't gather up enough money at the time or a combination of both. Since she couldn't "send" him, she took him to visit it. He got to do a lot of the activities. He LOVED it. Gave him a new "can do" attitude.

    We have a Camp Dovetail in Ohio. A camp for both physically and mentally disabled kids. It happens to be held right outside our town at the state park, but kids from all over the state come. Travis went as a kid, and Alex went last year and I hope will be going this year. It's free and always has been. I've never seen them turn even the most severe child away.

    I wonder if you could call around and see if there is something like that somewhere in Minn.
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    I agree with Hound. CALL them. My take on that statement "which warrant removal from the group" is aggressive, intentional, racist, ..... those types of behaviors that would be socially unacceptable anywhere.

    CALL THEM!!!!
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    But TeDo, he does do those behaviors....sigh. He called me the N word last night..it is one of his "stuck" words. He is black himself, it is not actually racist when he says it because he doesn't understand the meaning...he just knows that a teacher in 6th grade told the class he was in that it was very inappropriate and to never never say it. He asked millions of questions about it, we tried to explain but that just dug the trench deeper. Does not understand the social effects or history at all.

    I do think exactly what you said though, most of his behaviors disappear when he is having fun. We go to amusement parks, etc. and he does just fine.
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    Lisa - not to hijack the thread, but if you think Jett would qualify, will you PM me the info?
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    Buddy, I really think you should call them and talk to them. From what you've said before, he's not normally aggressive and the things he says are not intentional, they are blurts. Since that is the kind of thing he is in to, don't you think it would be even better than an amusement park? Since you are his PCA, maybe you should see if PCA's are allowed to accompany. It might be okay. Just explain his tendency to blurt to them. Personally, I would leave out the aggressive stuff from the past few weeks since that is not his "typical" behavior. Just my thoughts. I am also one that is always willing to try because I can't predict so I don't give up before I even begin. You might be surprised.
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    Buddy...call them and talk to them. He is exactly the child the want. HE IS the Victory Junction child.

    keyana has done pageants to raise money for this camp for most of her young life. I know a whole lot about this camp. I remember when it was built and we have seen the kids that attend this camp. Yes it is for a ton of different disabilities but they send the different sorts of disabilities at different weeks. He would be with his type of disabilities and the counselors and medical people know how to handle him. Heck they would probably allow you to be there with him if needed.
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    Buddy, Listen to Janet!!! No more excuses. Just DO it! (yes, I know how hard it is but for HIS sake, give it a shot)

    {{{{(((HUGS)))}}}} of strength coming your way.
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    Buddy, his "stuck" words are tourettes, wouldn't qualify. They're a tic.

    Call them and talk it over with them. You may be amazed.
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    This is what I love about this board! :bigsmile:

    Buddy, I agree that you should call. :)
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    Jeepers you guys! lol

    I sent an email to the two contacts (Yes I sent it to BOTH of them) who's names said to contact them if you are wondering if your child qualifies. It said that they will consider other diagnoses so I did write it....even before I checked back here! so there!

    Also, I did check online and found camp friendship, I think one of my students had gone there. It specifically states that their ratio goes 1:1 up to 1:4 so if needed he could have the same. Did I tell you he has 1:1 at the hospital at all times now? I think my call about the kid who taught him the sex stuff got their attention.
    He had 1:1 part time the last time he was there (like it was years ago, ok a week ago...)

    so, I sent an email for that because that would be covered by his cdcs funds (his waiver).

    It is hard for me to think of not being right there to run interference if something ugly happens, but if they really know EVERYTHING and are still willing.... I am all for it. He would LOVE it.

    I was posting that Q was upset about missing nascar races on facebook and one of my friends works for jostens and they do nascar stuff so she is sending him a little something from them. So sweet.
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    I am so praying he gets in. I only live about 90 minutes from the camp.
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    You mean if I come then we can play together??? how totally cool would that be??
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    I was a little iffy about Travis going his first time to kamp dovetail. Ok, I was pretty BIG iffy about it. He was in the middle of his major seizure deal too.......and up until that point had not really been away from me other than school except with my mom.........and yeah.

    He had a holy fit when we picked him up, he didn't want to leave. Following years he was in the groups with the 1:4 ratio.

    A huge amount of docs and nurses ect volunteer for ours, and lemme tell you, they know their stuff. And all other volunteers go through a rigorous training program. They even have teen volunteers. :)

    And for Alex who had never been away from his parents except for one sleep over with easy child............he didn't want to leave either. And he can't wait to go back this year.
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    Thanks for that, and I am SURE he would be fine, I am just not so sure about me, but hearing you made it through... I think he really needs the chance. How else will I know what he can do?