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    Hi everyone! it's been a while since i've posted here, i've embarked on some interesting personal learning journeys since the last time i've been here. i have taken up making almost all our food from scratch and i have started to prepare what will be a rather large organic garden in the spring. i have also been busy working from home, thankfully i am an artist and can me flexible as we all know how 'easy' working at home can be with kids around! anyways....difficult child is doing well. some of you may remember my previous post about putting difficult child into a home. we didn't end up going through with it, and we modified his medication a bit. he seems to be doing fairly well. he is still difficult child but much more tolerable, he still talks back and has attitude almost all the time, and flat out refuses to comply but at least he isn't hurting anyone, his meltdowns have subsided and been replace with a more manageable and typical tantrum. i am happy he is in school again! his brother, on the other hand, is no longer in school. he is 6 and has ADHD which i suspect might be mild aspergers. we are in the process of doing the evaluations now. anyway. he has always had a hard time with school. he doesn't make friends well, loves the adults too much and can't handle the sitting and being quiet. he takes omega three calm as suggested by difficult child's psychiatrist and it helps quite a bit. i have decided that he would be better off being home schooled though. he is so sensitive and he can't tell if people are his friends or not. he has anxiety the whole time he's at school and nightmares about school when he's home. i am looking for guidance on where to get materials for free/cheap. maybe some direction on where to look for info from other parents who might homeschool. we are in canada, but if the worksheets are free i don't think it matters what country they are from, the basics are all the same. i want to do as much hands on stuff with him as i can. today we went exploring in the forest and collected samples of different types of plants to identify this afternoon. we have been reading some phonics books and early reading books i already had and doing flashcard. need more ideas. thanks everyone, i'm sure that some of you are homeschooling or have home schooled in the past so any advice you can offer is more than welcome. :)
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    Your school division should have resources available to you - OR the Ministry of Education. (most provinces it's one or the other).
    Plus... there should be a homeschool association or network in your province that can give you good info too.