HONEY>>>I drunk the kids...lol

trying to find some humor...okay it was lame.

update and advice sought. My daughter just started her period again..therefore it has been on freaking month since our last melt down... this period seems to be more of a ...."detail" period. I asked her to get the trash out of my car and she did that..and detailed her brothers car. I said thank you and was very happy.... BUT THEN...she is watching tv..against the rules as she is grounded from tv..but she thinks she deserves it since she did all she did. Honestly I was going to let her watch it...AFTER she took her bath, ate, cleaned up her room..and was ready for bed...but instead she didnt do the things she was suppose to and opted to do something else that really DIDNT need done.

She and I had our first visit with the psy. We were both in the room and I commented little...I just proded her when she didnt give fully truthful answers to give more detail. He says BIPOLAR. okay thats good...but..bad.

My biggest issues are:
1)she doesnt sleep good. she is restless, leg jerks, tossing, turning etc.
2) the inability to wake rested for school the next day
3)her control issues. Toward everyone. She has all the answers and the rest of us are dum basses. She frets over things and makes everyone around her nuts. She knows right and wrong and although she doesnt not always do right..she dayam sure makes sure everyone elses behavior is "right" and if not she sounds like a MOTHER/DICTATOR.
4)SCHOOL. for the past two years I have begged for help there. Even though I knew the IDEA/IEP/504 stuff due to my step son...I was attempting to not label my daughter...so I asked for her to see the coucelor which happened once... I asked for teachers to NOT engage her- and ended up with them engaging her everytime and even putting their hands on her. Principal decided she was just disobedient so he bypassed normal punishments and suspended her once (for nothing) and gave her ISS antoher time. I was to meet with the superintendent but then...BLAM my health went to hades. So school started today..and this is where I need help.

I know...I read all the IEP stuff here with my step son...difference with him was that the teachers were pushing for him to get some help. School year just started so no teachers are complaining YET about my daughter...
I am overwhelmed with everything and my ADD/ADHD is kicking my butt...combined with severe ANXIETY for what my kid might be going thru without me there to protect her. SOMEONE TELL ME HOW I REQUEST THE TESTING AND GET THE psychiatric evaluation/DIAGNOSIS TO THE SCHOOL AND START THIS PROCESS. My daughter has enough problems of her own she does not need them to start the bullying and get her out of sorts again.


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Have you checked out the 'Special Education 101' forum here on the site? It is great for school info.

Are you talking about a school evaluation? or an outside evaluation?


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Hi, I'm only offering hugs and support ... interesting about the Bipolar diagnosis. So sorry about everything.
Others here can help you with-the IEP testing stuff.
Hang in there!


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You can request an IEP at any time.
Is your daughter taking bipolar medications? Bipolar is really hard to control until you are medication-stable, and does interfer with school.


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Hi! Send a certified letter requesting a full evaluation. and IEP. Your best bet is going onto the Special Education forum because they can even help you with the letters with links & stuff. The reason you want certified is that they have to act within a certain amount of time and if the letter is certified, it starts the clock ticking and you have proof. Make sure you request confirmation of receipt within the body of the letter so that they will call to let you know that they have received it and they can give you an approx. timeline for when things will be done.

Good luck!



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Send a certified letter requesting an IEP meeting to the school superintendent. Copy the school principal. Make sure they are return receipt requested so there is no question they were received.

I hope your daughter gets some help and you get the ADHD manageable. Good luck!


Your daughter would have to qualify for an IEP via the evaluation process.
Send a letter that will get the process started. It's imperative that you send it via Certified Mail.

This process takes a while -- 60 to 90 days minimum.
Thanks!!!! I called the school last week...and they returned my call yesterday. Of course when I mentioned what I wanted they wanted to know that I had some sort of "diagnosis" from a doctor in writing..DUH.
Today they called me and I have "permission" to go by the Special Education office and pick up forms to get this going.

You know..I have known she was either bipolar or post traumitic stress for YEARS..but the episodes that weren't controllable were so infrequent. They were too frequent this summer...and after the school year last year where I KNOW my daughter was mistreated by some teachers and admin's... I am not going to let her feel that again. She is very popular amongst her peers...athletic, cheerleader...etc. But the girls this age are so jealous cause she is built better than ANY of them. The call her ":censored2:" and yesterdays rumor was that she is on birthcontrol because that is why girls her age get breasts that big. (not kidding 12 years old and 32d). She is perfectly porportionate- and scares the heck out of me. It is a struggle for me- I do not want her to feel bad about her body...especially since she unlike me, is perfect. But I know she wishes the boobs would just GO AWAY. She obsesses over "rumors"...and everything else. at 6:55 this morning she is in a panic for the school bus which has never run before 7:03. She knows I can take her to school if she misses the bus... Yesterday I pulled out of the school traffic to get her breakfast and she was absolutely beside herself thinking I would not be able to get back into traffic to get her to school in time....etc. My son was never like that...if he was late he knew mommy would go in and clear it up. She bears the weight of the world on her shoulders. SHe is a mini me- she is a 12 year old in a 45 year old control freak mind. But it seems as I get better and let go of some of my "control" and "obsessive" stuff she takes it upon herself.

One day at a time. I am so thankful to you for your support and advice. I will update when I get this hellish process going.

oh yeah..medications YES..she started depacote twice daily and trazadone to sleep. Could use some input into the medications...