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    My difficult child 1 (formerly a easy child) posted a picture to Facebook of a hookah pipe and she was seemingly proud of sharing this. I'm not really familiar with what this is and how it affects people. What are your experiences? Should I be concerned? She lives 3 hours away.
  2. HaoZi

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    They're used for smoking pot, that's about all I know.
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    Hookah is really popular with college kids right now. It is flavored tobacco (often fruit flavored) that they smoke through what is similar to a water bong.
  4. Nancy

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    We had a discussion here about hookah not too long ago. If I find it I'll post the link. While we do have hookah bars here which are frequented by a certain ethnic group that enjoys the flavored tobacco it is also often used in combination with pot to cover up the smell. If she smokes pot then you may be concerned. If not then she Is smoking the sweet tobacco.
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    We have hookah bars here in CA. they are in a class by themselves, not necessarily associated with smoking pot or any illegal substance. You smoke the flavored tobacco through a sort of water pipe. It has a ritual to it, as it originated in another culture where this is a standard.
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    I'm surprised it has any other use than pot. I didn't know that. My daughter used them strictly for pot. Maybe other drugs too, if you can smoke other drugs with it. Depends on your kid, I guess.
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    Interesting. Thanks, Nancy :)
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    Thanks for the link Nancy - and thanks for the info all. difficult child comes from a long line of addicts on both sides of the family tree so I worry. She lives 3 hours away so at least she is not bringing anything into my home.
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    I was in Istanbul a few years ago, and smoking Hookahs was quite popular there. Just tobacco, not pot.
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    My niece lives there now and yes this is common in their culture and no pot.