Hope for Bipolar Youth: Some May Outgrow It?

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    While that would be great news, it doesn't sound like a very scientific study. It looks like they just compared rates of bipolar between the 18-25 year old age group and the 29+ group. There could be many reasons for that to be different. They would need to take a group of people in the 18-25 age group and follow them until they turned 30 to see how many of them still manifested bipolar symptoms.

    I think they are onto something with brain development continuing until 25 and it gives me hope that Tigger may out grow his bipolar (he already is showing signs of that).
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    I wonder if as people age the symptoms change. husband's symptoms have changed from primarily manic to primarily depressive as he has aged. Could be due to the chronic pain causing him to not work, or our wonderful financial issues.

    It would be nice if it could be outgrown, I would really like to see that for difficult child. I do know that our family doctor said that she has heard of kids who are able to stop taking medications eventually if they can learn certain skills and keep to good sleep hygeine.
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    I had heard from a psychiatrist that one of the reasons that so many kids are being diagnosis'd with BiPolar (BP) today is because they are looking at kids for BiPolar (BP) symptoms and recognized that they don't necessarily present the same as the diagnosis manual requires for adults, however, all the kids exhibiting these symptoms might not have true bipolar. As they mature physically hormones and brain chemicals start to balance out after puberty and as they mature emotionally and psychologically, they are able to cope with things better and ward off many depressive and explosive episodes. When these things happen, they no longer exhibit signs that appear to be BiPolar (BP). I think if that happens, they did not outgrow BiPolar (BP), they never had it to begin with.

    ETA: As an after thought, no matter what it's labeled as, if it stops or even gets a lot better someday, that can only be a great thing!
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    When I was diagnosis I was told that I have had all my life. I was diagnosis about 4 yrs ago. When I look back at my childhood I know that I had it then. I don't think you outgrow it I think you just learn coping skills that help you to control it. I am not the hot head I used to be. I do let alot of things go.

    When I was younger, if you looked at me wrong or just looked at me I would attack you. Now I just stare back and smile. But I still have my moments. I really wished that you could outgrow it. I wish they would come out with a shot and it would cure it..