Hoping for the best...preparing for the worst...Thanksgiving...


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Why are holidays so hard?

Older difficult DGD has been home one week after being dismissed from boot camp. I haven't seen any productive behaviors. Her car has been parked in our backyard since Feb. it needs repairs and she can't afford it. Probably $250. But she can't afford tags, taxes and insurance...or gas, either. So you think her main incentive would be to find a job. Hasn't looked for a job yet. Talks big, does nothing.

Now she can't even find the keys for it! I reminded her that one set was on a lanyard. Found out that that key was left in a friends car, that friend struck a bicyclist and left the scene of the accident. He died, car is impounded. She's not sure where other keys are. I had her make 3 duplicate keys when her dad gave her the car 1.5 years ago. She will have to go search his house, where she had stayed until she left for Marines.

Younger DGD is going to spend the holiday with friend and her family about 3 hours away. I know the mom, and we have talked. I know I can't control her behavior here, or there, so I am hoping for the best. She seems to be doing good, but I just can't get my hopes up.

My DHs daughter and her family will be coming over for lunch. We are usually relegated to the evening meal, but her mom fell and hurt her back so isnt cooking the meal. So last night we were informed that they are available! (Insert sarcasm here). And, drum roll...she had already got stuff for green bean casserole, deviled eggs, and pumpkin pie that she was going to take to her moms. First time in 30 years she has brought a dish for a meal!

DS's girlfriend is doing her meal at the same time, which is fine. I don't think I could handle 6 more people at the same time. My DS has a serious back problem so I don't think he will be up to coming later. We are waiting for him to hopefully get Social Security Disability. Which is usually a nightmare...sometimes taking years.

Next year...husband and I will just have to take an extended holiday abroad and be gone this week so I won't have to shop, clean, prep and cook for three days. Sigh...



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Oh my. This sounds extra difficult. I'm sorry.

I am in a similar state of mind. We moved to a different city. Our Difficult Child is coming in tomorrow. She makes 99 percent of holidays bad. If she messes this up, I won't have her for Christmas.

LOVE your idea of taking an extended holiday with your husband next year!!!

A little harder for us as we have a grandson from our healthy adult child etc. that we love to see on holidays.