Horrible rotten day


I know it's valentine's day but I wish I could just crawl back under the covers.

Things started out well...gave my 2 pcs their box of chocolates...I always buy them some for v-day....and thought things were okay...until I asked that they not wander through a townhouse complex on their way to school...told them a friend of mine had seen them doing it lately and she didn't want them getting in trouble...easy child 2 said I was lying, called me a liar several times as she slammed out the door to school...


Phone rings...it's gfgd new school...asking if I am aware she's skipped three classes since she started five days ago? Nope didn't know that and can't figure it out...please take me off contact....I'm the only one listed...

Soooooooooo....called the home to pass it on and got chewed out big time....apparently I was lying, just wanted to stir up trouble, needed help myself and maybe needed my other kids removed as it's apparent you are a bad mother....told him that his opinion of me meant very little and hung up...

A knock at the door....two lovely older ladies with my watchtower magazines and wanting to let me know they'd run into gfgd...and were saddened....she cursed them, called them nasty names and said I was an abusive molesting mother...

I broke down in front of them...just couldn't hold it anymore...

Am I some kind of magnet or what???



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Sorry you've had such a rough day. It seems things turn sour when we least want them to.

Hope your day gets brighter.

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OMG! What a horrid reaction from the home! Isn't there anyone you can complain to about their mistreatment of you???? :smile:

All I can say is they're going to have to figure out difficult child by themselves. Hopefully it happens sooner than later. In the meantime I wouldn't take any more of their abuse.

I'm so very sorry.



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WOW- sounds like a horrible day! I hope in the interim it's gotten better, Carolanne.


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I'm sorry for the rotten no good day you are having. Happy Valentine's Day from me. Here are some cyber roses and a box of chocolates.