Horrifying Case of Matricide


This horrifying murder just happened in my state. A difficult child with drug and mental health issues. A mother who tried over and over to save him, then finally tried to save herself, through the courts. Just horrifying.

A Thurston County man will face murder charges after allegedly admitting to strangling his mother, then slitting her throat. His girlfriend, who reportedly made no attempts to help the woman, will face a robbery charge.

Roan Littlemoon, 23, and Sabrina N. I. Young, 18, appeared Wednesday in Thurston County Superior Court. They were arrested Tuesday in Longview after they reportedly fled from the Thurston County home where Robin Tingle died Monday.

Judge James Dixon set bail at $2 million for Littlemoon and $50,000 for Young. He found probable cause to charge Littlemoon with second-degree murder, first-degree robbery, assault in violation of a protection order and violation of a protection order. He found probable cause to charge Young with first-degree robbery.

Deputy Prosecutor Cailen Cecil Wevodau asked for high bail for Littlemoon because she said she believes he’s a risk to community safety, and there’s a good chance he wouldn’t return to court. She said Littlemoon has shown little remorse.

Deputies reported that Littlemoon and Young were laughing and kissing during the drive back to Thurston County.

Public Defender Phil Griffith said that he has substance abuse and mental health concerns regarding Littlemoon.

Wevodau said investigators don’t believe that Young participated in Tingle’s death, but she was at the home.

“The state believes right now that her involvement in this case is the robbery in the first degree,” Wevodau said.

Griffith said he doesn’t believe that there is enough evidence for Young to be charged with first-degree robbery.

Court records give this account of what happened:

At 4:45 p.m. Monday, deputies were advised that Tingle might be in grave danger, according to court documents. They responded to a home in the 2800 block of 184th Avenue Southeast, between Bucoda and Tenino, and found Tingle dead.

A detective called Tingle’s daughter, who said, “I knew he was going to kill her.” When asked what she meant, the daughter said that Littlemoon had been doing a lot of drugs and had physically abused his mother and his grandmother in the past.

About 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, officers from the Longview Police Department reported that they found Tingle’s car, a white Mazda Tribute. But Young and Littlemoon were not in the vehicle, according to court documents. Later that morning, Longview officers found Young and Littlemoon.

Detectives reported that Young appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. She said Tingle and Littlemoon had argued, and she saw Littlemoon strike his mother in the face. At one point, she saw him sitting on Tingle’s chest with his hands around her neck, according to court documents.

Young said she left the house a few times during the argument, but didn’t call 911 or ask neighbors for help.

When she re-entered the house for the final time, Young saw blood on Tingle’s neck and knew she was dead, according to court documents.

Littlemoon told detectives that he and his mother argued about her car and whether she was going to sell it to him. He said that Tingle was going to seek counseling and talk about him. He said he felt betrayed.

He said that at one point in the argument, he put his hands around Tingle’s neck and squeezed, intending to kill her, according to court documents. He said he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Then Tingle reached for the phone, Littlemoon said. He said he grabbed and unplugged it. Littlemoon said he choked his mother until she was unconscious.

Littlemoon said he believed she wasn’t dead yet, so he went to the kitchen and got a knife. He said he cut her throat, according to court documents.

Young and Littlemoon then took Tingle’s laptop and fled.

According to Washington State Patrol records, Littlemoon has fourth-degree assault convictions from 2007 and 2008. Wevodau said he has other juvenile assault convictions.

Thurston County court records show Tingle petitioned for a domestic violence protection order against Littlemoon last summer. In the petition, she wrote that Littlemoon threatened her life and once pulled a gun on her.

“Roan will not seek professional help and continues to escalate in poor behaviour,” Tingle wrote.

She was granted a temporary protection order July 26 and a more permanent protection order Aug. 5.

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I think when you reach a point in the relationship regardless of the nature of that relationship that you feel so unsafe that you need a protective order, that the safest thing to do is cut contact off completely. I've had to do this very thing twice in my life. It sounds like Tingle knew her son was too drugged up to be sane. What a terrible outcome.