Hospital trying to charge me for difficult child 19's bill


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I usually don't have ins problems cause I have no ins. However, difficult child went to emergency room by herself one night. She signed the form that says she will be responsible for payment and put me down as next of kin. She also said she was a student...she isn't.
The hospital has billed ME for a bill over $3000 :eek: claiming I am responsible.
First of all difficult child is going to be 20 in August. She signed the promissary paperwork and they won't change it from my name to hers. They say they will use her social security number on all collection activity. Since I have been a debt collector for 15 years, I know exactly what they will do...they will put my name in with her SS#.... :Hot Head:
They asked me if she was emancipated :confused:
The legal age of majority in NYS is 18....what kind of idiot would think she needs to be emancipated...she's legally an adult.
I also asked this stupid woman at the hospital what would have happened if difficult child were married...she tells me her husband would then be responsible. I almost laughed and fell off my chair.
This can't be right...right?
Please help...what do I do?
Do I need a lawyer?
Thanks for any help you can give.



I have been known to write a strongly worded letter pointing out all the facts as you stated them here. her age. the fact that she hasn't lived with you more than X days since he was 18 as she's been bouncing around (in addition to age that's de facto emancipation), that she hasn't been to a school in x period, hasn't been in one place long enough to attend a course and is not currently enrolled in any school. That you have no insur, much less insur that includes her. And most importantly that you never agreed in any way to be responsible for her debts medical bills or otherwise. And then give them grandmonster's name and address. ROFLMAO. Also in this letter tell them that you expect your name and ssn to be removed from their records and if they contact you, a credit agency or anyone else with your name or SSN you will pursue legal action against them by filing a claim in small claims court for harrassment and illegal collection procedures. I'd also send a copy to the legal dept of the hospital.