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    My 8 year old daughter has been temporarily kicked out of school for aggressive behavior. They suggested I hospitalize her so that she can get stabilized. She is such a normal fun child most of the time at home so this is hard for me..have any of you had this happen?
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    Hi and welcome!

    Does your child have any diagnoses? Has she seen a professional in the past?

    Many of our kids conduct themselves well in one setting and not in another. Most of the time, they are not bad kids. They have issues that need to be addressed, whether it be an attention deficit, anxiety, sensory issues, an executive function disorder, or even autism or bipolar disorder. Many of these issues manifest themselves into behavior problems. If caught and addressed, many of these behaviors are helped. Perhaps she does need to be seen.

    Have you read the book "Explosive Child" by Ross Greene?
    Good read. Lots of helpful information in it.

    Hang in there, others will be along soon. Glad you found us!
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    The school can't make you hospitalize your child.

    Has your child ever seen a neuropsychologist? Does she have a diagnosis? medications? Do you feel she is being helped?
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    Hi, welcome.

    Sheesh. What a blow.

    I know what you mean about how she's normally so fun, and then she becomes aggressive. A lot of us go through those changes ... day to day, or from moment to moment, with-our kids.

    The school cannot hospitalize your child. Obviously, they see something wrong but you can certainly have her tested with-o having to admit her. Besides, if she's not suicidal or otherwise an immediate threat, most Phosps won't take her, due to ins. regulations, anyway.
    Make some appts. with-neuropsychiatrists and child psychologists and find out what's going on with-your daughter. Sounds like you'll need therapy to deal with-her aggressive behavior, which, at her age, is probably (I'm saying this with-o a diagnosis) due to frustation and impulsivlity and not being able to express herself properly.

    Good luck!
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