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    if difficult child was turned over to DSS from Department of Juvenile Justice if he'd still have to remain on parole? Or does this depend on the state and is it left up to the judge to decide during the hearing where he'd get turned over to DSS? Where would I begin to look to get answers to questions like this? I know PO is supposed to have all answers related to the kids they "montior" but the POs in this state can't be counted on to tell you if the sky is blue. They'll give an answer, but half the time they are winging it and don't really know and the other half the time, they are lying (or should I say, witholding the truth from the parent in order to obatin the best results for the juvenile). Huh
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    In our experience, our daughter stayed on parole when she was in DFS (your DSS) custody. When she was turned back over to JSS (your Department of Juvenile Justice) so we could get the residential placement, she was off parole but has a JJS worker who basically does the same thing. Our daughter also has court orders. Usually the PO or JJS worker is there to see to it the court orders are followed. DFS, doesn't usually do that but does work with the PO (in theory) to make sure community service hours or court order compliance is in place. So if difficult child has court orders-probably will have a JJS worker or PO even in DFS custody.