How can I get an IEE covered by insurance

Elizabeth K

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I need to get my difficult child daughter a full educational evaluatiion. The school is doing their own in August, but I do not trust that they are looking out for the best interest of my child.

I have one scheduled for her at vanderbilt Aug.2nd, but I just found out that insurance does not cover. It cost 165.00 an hour and usually takes 4-6 hours to complete. Very frustrating, I need to get this done but do not have the finances, her school has put in her file that she is Mentally Retarded, yet has done no testing of the own to come up with this Diagnosis. I am sure that my child has learning Disabilities but am not convinced that she is Mentally Retarded. I am furious that they came up with this before consulting me. I need professionals evaluating my child.

How can I get an evalution like this covered. She is covered under TennCare for her SSI, and she is covered under Blue Cross, Blue Shield.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Suggest that you move this to the Special Education forum. Under Fed law you have a right to an independent full evaluation if you disagree with the SD internal evaluation. AT SD exp. in other words, wait until their evaluation is done and put in writing to them that you disagree with it and want an independent evaluation. They may fuss and moan but by law they have to do it- I believe at the place of your choice. But ask the folks on the Special Education board.