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    an undecorated cake and cupcakes? I need a cake for Duckie's "family" party on Sunday, cupcakes for school on Friday and I'm buying a cake for her "friends" party on Friday evening. It would be most convenient if I did my baking tonight or tomorrow, but I don't want the stuff to get stale.
    Then, I need to know how long to let it defrost before I decorate.
    Help! :please:
  2. hearts and roses

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    I would wrap the cake and each cupcake individually very tight with saran wrap to make it airtight. Let them defrost on the counter a few hours before you frost them. It shouldn't take too long to defrost, maybe 2 hours. They should be okay, especially since it's only a couple of days.
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    That sounds good. Or you could also wrap them individually then put them into a sealable container (tupperware). My mom froze the top section of my wedding cake for me and when we thawed it and ate it on our first anniversary, it was almost as fresh as the day we got married! She (loosely so the frosting didn't stick much) wrapped it in tinfoil with the "sealed" parts at the top and stuck it in one of those big plastic tubs that ice cream comes in. Since that worked so well for freezing for a year, I would think that saran wrap and maybe a tub would work for a week.
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    I used to do a lot of baking in bulk and then freezing. My standby was chocolate banana cake, I would bake when we had a lot of bananas and then thaw as needed. Too often the kids would suddenly need to take a cake to school and I could just grab one from the freezer (it would thaw on the way to school). I froze them un-iced, or sometimes already iced with a butter icing. I would freeze them on a flat metal tray, then when frozen I would THEN wrap them or put them in a plastic bag. Less chance of things sticking. An iced cake - I would unwrap it while frozen and let it thaw on a plate. With my banana cakes - if they were still a bit frozen in the middle it actually made them taste like fudge. The kids loved them.

    An alternative to icing the cakes - you can sprinkle icing sugar over them (looked good on a chocolate cake). They need to be thawed for that, though, or the condensation dissolves the sugar.

    Go for it!

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    Freezing cakes is pretty easy once you have tried it. At the suggestion of a lady who owned a great little German bakery in Ohio, I cover a cookie sheet with waxed or parchment paper. Then put cake or cupcakes on it. Freeze for 3-4 hours until solidly frozen, but not more than about 5-6 hours - this is what the recipe card says, it may depend on your freezer. Once the cake(s) are frozen solid, wrap tightly with saran wrap and then put in a BIG ziploc or a plastic tub. Make sure the saran wrap is airtight. Not sure how the new freezer wraps would do, probably fine.

    To thaw take out of freezer and out of big bag or tub. Thaw for several hours with or without saran wrap. If thawing without I put a big bin (like for storage with holes on the side, or put it on blocks so air can get in but dust, etc cannot - cat hair or dog hair comes to mind around here.

    Once thawed frost as you like.

    Hope this helps. The baker used to bake most of the cakes she needed for several weeks at a time, it was how her mom did it for years before her.