How do I make the dog's hair grow?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Sep 17, 2009.

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    and it needs to grow fast. LOL! My little female- the one who ALWAYS had long hair (picture a 20+ pound maltese look-a-like here and she's 9 yo)-the one who was sick last month and spent the day crated at the vet's on an IV- the one who rolls in leaves in the yard- the one who crawls under the deck thru the spider webs to chase a lizard and digs with her paws and snout trying to get to it- the one that is difficult child's dog....just got all her hair shaved off this evening. She doesn't even look the same unless you know her well and look into her eyes. She's very cute but we are used to her having very long white hair. Being a lhasa, the color doesn't always stay the same. Now, she is shaved and has brown spots. difficult child will be heartbroken if this hair hasn't grown back out before he comes home. I have 4-5 months- what can I do? And the color thing- it's not that we care about the color of a dog in general because we also have a male and he's mostly black with white markings. But we are used to her being white. She's had light tracings of brown in small spots before but they seemed to fade out and as her hair got long, the brown seemed to change to white. I sure hope that happens now too. If difficult child comes home and his dog looks like a completely different dog, he's seriously going to cry. At least she acts the same and I feel sure she will remember him.
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  2. gcvmom

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    Hmmm... I can't seem to get the words "Hair of the Dog" out of my head... :tongue:

    All I can think is to make sure she's well nourished, and hopefully it will all grow back in a month or two! In the mean time, you might want to knit her a sweater!
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    Gee thanks, I don't know how to knit. LOL!! :tongue:
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    I don't think there's any way to make the hair grow faster than it would ordinarily. If there is, I've never heard about it.
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    I don't think there's anything special you can do. There are certain foods and oils that help dogs coats be extra healthy and shiny, basically the healthy foods. You could google to see what show dog owners feed their pets to help their coats look so lovely. Other than that, I'm sure with 4-5 months the dog will have grown a considerable coat. Of course not long and flowing in that time, but enough to look like the dog usually does, after a good grooming and summer cut that dogs often get to keep them cooler. I'd give difficult child a headsup that the dog was shaved and make a joke about how it looks like a new dog.
  6. Star*

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    My vet swears by this stuff and so does every rescue I've ever met up with - (I'll have to look at the bottle and tell you tonight) but I swear it just helped the skin and gave my big dog diarrhea. You can get dermatological shampoo that may help the skin and hair folicle.

    Maybe there is something for dogs like gROWLgaine?
  7. Fran

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    We were encouraged to use The Missing Link. It's Omega 3's and some other stuff that is sprinkled on their food. It's good to grow a healthy coat. Both of my new ones had been malnourished. Their coats are thick, healthy and beautiful. This is in 3 to 4 months.

    My guys are all white but Cowboy has some grey and black spots that fade into white. It's all a variation of normal for this sort of dog.
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    Good one, Star! Ok, I'll check into supplements and stuff. I was thinking after I started this thread that the hair should be at least as long as it was when we got her at 8 weeks old by the time difficult child comes home. That should be ok. I told him last weekend that I'd probably have to have her shaved because I'd been trying to comb and cut out matted and very soiled hair but it became too much after her "lizard hunt". The main thing is that she remember him and I'm pretty sure she will.

    Fran, can I get that at Petsmart?
  9. mstang67chic

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    Yep, within 4-5 months the dog will be fine. The fur may not be quite as long as it was before but it will be close. We had a dog when I was in high school that we would get shaved in May or June. By the end of the summer she was nearly back to normal which was saying a lot as she had a lot of long fur.
  10. Fran

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    I bought it at the Pet Supermarket. I'm not sure about Petsmart. I'm sure you can get it on line.