How do I request an IEP/BIP?

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difficult child is getting worse in school.

He had nothing in place other than some very general 504 accomodations that finally started being enacted last week as his behavior is now affecting his school work. He has one teacher, "The Teacher", who seems to have more problems and she is absolutely horrid at communicating although after my meeting with the principal this is improving.

I picked difficult child up from school Friday as we had a Cub Scout camping event to go to. I'm in carpool line 2 blocks from school when I see difficult child walking down the street with "The Teacher". She walked him all the way to my van just so she could have an impromptu parent-teacher conference. I already knew that difficult child's behavior has been on a rapid decline the last couple of weeks. Friday it got so bad that he had to be completely removed from the classroom setting and placed in the school social worker's office for the afternoon. "The Teacher" said that difficult child didn't complete any of his assignements last week and that the other students were now complaining that difficult child's behavior was keeping them from completing their work. She sent an assignment home with him that he could complete and turn in tomorrow for a grade lower than what he'd otherwise receive. She made no bones about the fact that it was the social worker's idea to do this; that any other student would receive an "F" for the assignment.

The absolute earliest we can see psychiatrist is this Thursday afternoon as she's still having limited office hours following her maternity leave. Our school district is dramatically underfunded (who's isn't?) and our school only has a social worker on Tuesdays and Fridays. My concern about why I wasn't contacted on Friday aside the soonest I can talk to anyone is tomorrow. "The Teacher" asked that I contact the social worker tomorrow because they would really like to coordinate with difficult child's psychiatrist.

I'm going to call the school social worker tomorrow. Do I need to ask her for the IEP & BIP? Does the psychiatrist need to request these things? There are only 8 weeks left in the school year and I already know that the psychiatrist thinks we're dealing with some major medication issues and is planning to pull him from everything on Thursday.

Any suggestions on how I should proceed?


Parent refer for an evaluation and FBA via Certified Mail.

If you don't have a parent report prepared, edit that part out of the letter and submit it at a later date if you wish.

Retitle the document "Parent Input."