how do you go about hospitilizing?

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Every hospitalization for the tweedles was on an emergency basis because of the lack of psychiatric beds for children.

psychiatrist & therapist's were always aware that hospitalizations were near - however there was no way they could or would be admitted unless in a crisis state.

Having said that, you'd have to check in with your psychiatrist. Determine the criteria for an admit for stabilization of your difficult child. When do you call for help with transport, the level of physical aggression, self harm, distorted thoughts, etc.

Who will let the hospital know (psychiatrist hopefully) that difficult child needs a bed? Will he back this up with the appropriate documentation needed at time of admit?

Be prepared for a long admit process. The shortest admit we've endured was 4 hours; that was because wm was so very out of control & had 2 security guards on him at the time.

A SW will interview you & help determine the need for a bed unless psychiatrist clears the way for you.

I hope this helps some. Have you checked into a day treatment program or is difficult child to the point of physical harm or self harming behaviors?

Hang in there.

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Both time my difficult child was hospitalized the psychiatrist decided he was too unstable to be at home and called to arrange the hospitalization for us. Like Linda said admit took a long time-for difficult child about 3 hours each time.


Thanks for the info (I was beginning to wonder if I had kooties., LOL) difficult child II is still very catatonic and unapologetic right now, however I am sure the situation will be extremely "elevated" 2morrow when we enforce the fact that he's not allowed out of the house.


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Hang in there! I agree with everyone else.. the waits in ER are long! For my guys; it has always been a 6 to 8 hour begging with all of the "students and Dr's" of our wonderful Medical Unversity hospital.
sigh... I'm wishing the best for an easy day for you tomorrow and has you follow thru with your plan of action.