how do you help a difficult child now on probation get a job?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by amazeofgrace, Jun 17, 2008.

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    We've put in countless applications, even b4 difficult child I messed up and is now on probabtion. No calls, no interviews, nothing! He is not motivated but we've tried to help over see his applications and attire when he goes out looking. No one seems to want to hire him, he's 17 now, we've been trying Occupational Therapist (OT) help him find work since he was 15. Even his 14 y/o girlfriend has a job at MC D's
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    Try calling your County Youth Bureau or Workforce Development. Ours had grant funding for 30 summer jobs for teens @ $7.15/hr, but you needed to either meet income requirements (low) or kid needed to have a diagnosis.

    Frustrating for us, as our difficult child found TWO jobs for the summer and his brother (with no 'diagnosis') hasn't had any bites.

    I must add that difficult child doesn't hesitate to call about the status of his application whereas easy child is too anxious to follow up. :redface:
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    When my son was on probation there was a guy at the probation office that helped them get jobs. He told them where to go - sometimes there are places that help kids try to work and do the right thing. This worked out this time for my difficult child - he got a good job through someone at the probation office - and then lost it. Anyway, ask the probation people if they know of where he could get a job. They should be able to direct him - after all they are who he reports to - it shouldnt just be him on his own they should help.
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    It may be that the employers see his lack of motivation and this makes them not want to even interview him.

    I would start at teh Dept of labor, or Health and Human Resources, or whatever your county calls it. The school may be able to help (talk to the principals and guidance counsellor), or church may be of help.

    could he/would he mow lawns? It probably would take initiative, and he may not be willing.

    Persistence and following up are the keys to getting jobs. No matter what age. I got my first job because I was a frequent customer, helped out if someone was looking for a book and I saw it (it was a used bookstore) and kept asking about hiring. my fave college job was obtained by sheer persistence.

    I am sorry he is not more motivated to find a job. There really is only a little a parent can do.

    SONS GONE WILD Moms goin' crazy

    Glad I came upon this post. My difficult child is not on probation, but really looking around and no bites at all. Maybe a haircut and a little enthusiasm wouldn't hurt - but I think I'll tell him to look into the Dept. of Labor, good idea. Thanks.
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    Have him sign up at a few employment agencies - My difficult child used these a few times - he actually found one that had a "don't ask/don't tell" meaning no background checks - he is working at some kind of real estate office - he gets paid daily if he sells some kind of listing for homes/apartments - he had previously worked in clothing factories, food factories. For each person he gets to sign up he gets 50.00 - he likes it but then he has always been the type of person who can sell you your own underwear and you will think you got a real bargain to boot :(

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    I've heard telemarketing is an easy one to get. If all else fails and you can get him motivated, he might have to do some volunteer work for a short period to get a good recommendation from someone. Or, try a temp agency that hires out people for jobs that he might be able to do. Something to just get his foot in the job market long enough to get recommendations would be my suggestion. What does he like? Animals- try the SPCA. Just some ideas... hope it helps.