How many calls does it take...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterby, May 25, 2011.

  1. flutterby

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    ...before CPS investigates a complaint.

    This is ridiculous. Full blown, major GFGmom with 2 elementary school aged kids, who have a full blown, major GFGdad who is only in the picture when GFGmom wants to unload the girls. Mother of GFGmom first filed a complaint. Nothing. No one even went out. Sister of GFGmom filed a complaint. Nothing. No one even went out. Third person has filed a complaint and was told the supervisor would look at it and if it seemed to have merit would have someone out to investigate within 24 hours.

    Do kids have to be bloody and bruised before someone does anything? Does mom drinking til she passes out in front of them (regularly), leaving them wherever so she can party, dad threatening to OD, dads parents threatening to hide the kids, medical and educational (let alone psychological) neglect mean nothing??? :919Mad:

    And yet WE are the ones threatened with educational neglect when we are doing all we can for our kids, and they can't function in school? I. could. just. flipping. SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. keista

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    Oy! Don't know where you're at, but around here it seems that CPS comes running at the stupidest hint of an allegation.

    The only thing I'd suggest is next time call the cops, and let them get CPS involved.
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    Around here it depends on what you say. If you say the kids told you, and you are not a doctor, healthcare worker, therapist or teacher, they won't do anything. If you are? they go running. If you have seen it happen, then they go running. But when we lived in OH they did NOTHING. To the point that I flat out asked the supervisor who they were bribing to get them to overlook the abuse of the kids? cause an 8yo girl does NOT offer to give a man a bj for a pbj sandwich - and this girl did. She actually terrified husband by reaching out for his zipper. I was there and stopped her, because he was in a state of shock. I also told her that if she ever spoke to "my man" again that I would be very unhappy because I am a very jealous woman. NOT because I was, but to try to protect husband from allegations of trying to get her to do soemthing to him. I was told by CPS that I made up that allegation, because it would never really happen. I called when I could HEAR the oldest boy screaming as something hit him, and then begging for over 12 hrs to be let out of the closet. It was heartbreaking. I couldn't even get a cop to drive by. the boyfriend was a drug dealer and the parade of people in and out was scary. He didn't even try to hide it - even carried in bags of weed and white powder with-o anything covering them. Just ziploc baggies in his hands. Still no cops. I did get a cop come by to threaten ME when I asked who the guy was bribing and how much - because I would get the neighbors to pitch in and we would give them more money to do something than he was giving them to do nothing!! I was told that this was a threat and that if I ever tried to do that they would jail ME.

    FINALLY we got a really tough manager from the company that owned the property. They were tired of losing money and people griping about this guy and moving out. she was from a rough property in another state and actually lived on the premisis. I rode the bus with her for the first month while she was doing things at the downtown office and we got to be friends. She got him out in less than a week - and then got the kids taken from the mom and the mom out. She managed because she reported to CPS and the cops that they had a closet full of blood - the one they kept the boy in had blood coating the walls and floor. Some of the beatings were because he bled on the shoes the woman kept in there!

    Keep calling, keep records of each call, and ask for a supervisor. Then go to the state level - that is what this woman did to get this family out of there. she called the local number once, had records of when other tenants had called, and called the state number. She actually got several local CPS people fired - which is incredibly hard to do in OH.
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    It's Ohio, honey.

    In Ohio? Let there be an allegation against the Dad (or stepmom) - and they are on you like white on rice.

    Stepdad? They might.

    Mom? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA We actually had a CPS worker (BM called them in) tell husband to "give her (BM) custody and walk away like a good father".

    Jett reported the BM punched him in the head - they came out to talk to ME. Kid says... "Wrong Mommy!" So they called BM and asked her if she did. She denied it. They closed the case as unfounded. Kid had a HUGE goose egg.

    We got a visit from them just this past winter for medical neglect because we didn't take Onyxx to the freaking ER when she got a small burn.

    Trust me, Heather... Ohio... Is... Ohio.
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    How old are the kids? Have them call 911 the next time mommy is passed out drunk. Tell 911 - we can't get mommy to wake up, something is wrong.
  6. flutterby

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    Right now, the kids are with GFGdad, because GFGmom got evicted. Again. GFGdad has already lost custody of a child to CPS, and he was raised in foster care himself. His parents are the ones who are going to "hide the kids" if CPS gets involved.

    JJJ, that is a wonderful idea, but I don't know if these kids would do that. There is a lot of damage already.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    If the kids won't do that........then you have to be creative.

    Maybe dial 911 and say "Well honey I think you should talk to the officer and tell them that you are scared, if Mommy is sleeping and you can't wake her we need to call the police. NO? You don't want to talk to them? Okay it's okay..I will for you." and then let the danged police know what's going on.

    Personally? I wouldn't have a flippin problem calling anyone if this is what's going on. But if you do? I think you could probably go to your local police office and just go to the desk and tell them - "LOOK - my neighbor blah blah blah and I don't want to get in the middle because I'm a single Mom and I have to live next to this nutt, but there are KIDS involved and you need to drive by or give me a phone number or a couple of phone numbers I can call you or some officers on without it being 911 so if these kids are left alone again while Mom is passed out again? Maybe someone can get her into rehab court ordered and the kids will have some supervision before something bad happens.
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    Well, let's see....when the tweedles bio mum was passed out or high (not sure which) the tweedles at the tender age of 2 1/2 went for a walk about the neighborhood in their diapers. The police picked them up & took them straight to CPS. Went on the look out for bio mum ~ found her still passed out. Very quickly kt & wm were put in foster care. The first step in our journey so to speak.

    Here, it took one complaint from kt to have CPS walk in my door ~ that was a blessing in disguise for us.

    Depends on the kid(s)....the county....the state...the fact that funding is dropping. The worst of the worst are being targeted.