How to get SD to pay for neuropsychologist evaluation


Anyone been through this and how did you go about it?

A little back ground on my experience with-SD...

Requested evaluation. It was done Sept 06 when my difficult child was 4 yrs old. They found he did not qualify for sped. We again met to discuss his situation. This meeting included the school SW, Occupational Therapist (OT), nurse, principal, kindergarten teacher, sped preschool teacher, 2 of his preschool/daycare teachers, my husband and me. They still concluded he did not qualify for sped preschool, but that they were willing to put things in place for him to hopefully make things easier. Then they would see how he was when school began and if intervention was needed they would hop on it.

Now a few months later he began Adderall and we started noticing a lot of meltdowns and tantruming and increased physicality. Last Thur he was "expelled" from preschool. Finally allowed back (hesitantly) yesterday. I removed him from the Adderall last Fri and we began to see improvement.

psychiatrist and therapist think a neuropsychologist evaluation is in order. How can I press the SD to pay for this and get it done? I know he falls under their jurisdiction and they are familiar with his case. Is this something I should have the psychiatrist and therapist request of them? Because their evaluation of him was quite inadequate and unsubstantial. I feel that they won't persue just going on my word.

Anyone had to request this of their SD when their difficult child hasn't even been in school yet? I have 4 more months before he starts and I KNOW it won't be pretty.


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Jal, I could take a good stab at answering this but I recommend that you copy your post to the Special Education board where some experts in that area will help.

One caution I will add if you choose to go this route: when the school district pays for an independent evaluation of this sort I believe they not only have some say in which specialist is used but they automatically have access to the concluding report. This can sometimes pose a real problem if the neuropsychologist and the parent don't agree with the final diagnosis or recommendations and can in some instances work against the case you are trying to build.

If you have insurance and/or can afford to pay for a private evaluation that is a much more preferable route to go because then you have total control of who to choose and you will be able to review the final report before making copies for the school district. I know there are times when parents have limited options and need to have the district handle this but whenever possible private is best for this type of evaluation.


SRL thank you for that information. You really got me thinking. Just this am I have FINALLY found independent group that takes my insurance and does pediatric neuropsch evaluations :smile:Waiting to get our appointment date!