How to help him?


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I just talked to my son, who called me from the jail. He is supposed to go to court 7/22. My thoughts are : let's get through this, you serve whatever time the judge gives you, & life goes on. I keep trying to get him interested in his plans for the future & doing something positive with his life. I've offered to pay for vocational school & tried to help him figure out what type of career he would like. His attorney told him he needs to find something positive he loves doing, otherwise he will just come home & start hanging out with the same people & get into trouble again. All my attempts are met with negative comments: he doesn't know what he wants, he's just a dumb kid in jail who has a GED... I even hear comments about how he wants to just die bc it's so hard to stay away from ppl with guns & how even the police are shooting innocent ppl now. All these statements are just ridiculous, he could just stay out of these situations if he changed the ppl he associates with. He's already on antidepressants. I just don't know how to help this kid. I really love him, & he really has so many things going for him. Has anyone else here been in a situation like this? I know I can't make him do anything, but keep hoping I can help him find something positive.