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    There is a national case going on right now that is centered in my area. Somehow I have gotten placed smack dab in the middle of it. One of my students gave me some information yesterday that I had to share with law enforcement. 5 plain clothes came today and removed me from class to question me. How in the world do I get myself in these situations and why do I always find out this stuff?
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    Well, now my curiosity is up! They aren't going to reveal your identity in all this are they?
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    How DO you get in the middle of this stuff? Are you ok, or are they trying to implicate you in something? You've made me a little nervous for you here! Are they considering you the good guy?

    Aaaaaggggghhhh! You're making me think hard!

  4. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member I am Only major major case I can think of centered out of MB in the last two weeks. Thats about as obscure as I can make
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    FIVE? Do they think you're dangerous for giving them information?

    I'm curious, too, now.
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    As a teacher you are required by law to report anything 'suspicios.' If that was the case, they're probably just gathering information. been there done that. I had one at my last school where a very respected teacher violated a student many states away. The feds questioned anyone associated with the teacher, meaning the entire staff. He was extrodicted and convicted. Now sits in a Texas prison.

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    Ohhhhh Abbey...I didnt think of that. That could really be it. With the age of the person involved in the case I mentioned..hmmm...could well involve a high school student or teacher though I pray it doesnt involve a teacher. I hope it is all innocent (the involvement with EW's school). If its the case I am thinking of it is pretty intense around here. I know it has made some national attention.
  8. Star*

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    WHat if it's .......MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY FOR THE CURE.....jail?
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    Just saw the Brittanie Drexel case on tv and saw Georgetown High as a backdrop. Most of the people in Georgetown said they couldnt imagine what their small town could have to do with the case because they are a laid back small town and they hope they go back to being a little town real That tickled me.

    I would be surprised to find her down there myself.

    Considering the facts of this case and the length of time she has been missing, I am worried about the outcome. We really dont have horrible missing person/teen crimes on this beach. It is a pretty safe beach. We get the usual stupid drunk person who does something dumb and gets hurt but not a whole lot of missing people. Normally the missing are found to be family related.

    This is a kid who rebelled against mom and snuck down here with friends from NY and stayed in a hotel with friends. Obvious partying going on. Some questions about how she was getting back and some boy left in middle of the night without a word leaving his belongings and not getting his deposit back. He has made multiple stories up and now has a lawyer I believe. I dont know where the girlfriends are that she went down with. They dont talk about them. I would want to know about them myself. After combing this area as much as they have...and it really isnt that big an area...I would think she isnt there anymore.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    It's a gift. :winks: