How would I know if it's Fibro?

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    I hurt. All the time. Hips, knees, lower back, hands, forearms...just ache. It hurts to sit, and it hurts to get up. It hurts to move, and it hurts not to. Motrin and Tylenol do nothing, and even leftover Vicodin doesn't help.

    The past three days my hands have been so stiff and achy when I got up that I could barely move them, and couldn't even make a fist till several hours later. I can't hold on to things, and even though I have carpal tunnel, and am permanently partially disabled with it, this is a different kind of pain. My hands are swelling and feel hot, and most of the time I can't wear my wedding ring - it just doesn't fit.

    I'm absolutely exhausted, and would be happy to sleep 12 hours a day. Not possible when I'm working. I forget what I'm going to say in the middle of a sentence. If I wasn't working this afternoon, I'd go back to bed right now. Add in our financial stress, the holidays, and Miss KT's impending return for a month at Christmas (9 days was about enough), and I can't even think straight. My blood sugar is under control, I'm taking my medications like I'm supposed to, I'm getting better on the eating right thing...but there's something else going on with me.
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    Fibro is most often diagnosis'd by the presence of tender points. Tender points are specific points on the body that HURT when pressed. They hurt when pressed even on good days. For me the pain isn't like what I have in my joints and muscles. It is almost an electric shock type pain - the sort that makes you want to completely flip out and shriek. in my opinion the tender point tests were even worse than the EMG where the tech giving the test poked me over 100 times and each place he stuck me with that needle bruised so I looked like husband had used me for some kind of torture. I would prefer to give birth again, with-o any medications this time, rather than go through some docs' tender point tests.

    My current pain doctor is incredibly gentle and is one of 3 docs that I will actually let give this exam. He did it the first appointment, and said he never has to again and neither does any other doctor. As you can imagine, I adore the man.

    There are a LOT of other symptoms, the extreme, debilitating fatigue being one of the worst. You may find you are incredibly susceptible to yeast infections. Some fibro patients get great relief on the various yeast diets and regimens. Sadly, I have tried a LOT of them with no success. My mother is forever coming to me with some new diet or other for fibro, but so far they are just recycled versions of past diets that didn't help. I DO know a couple of women who were greatly helped though..

    You need to discuss this with your doctor. Most docs are more literate on fibro than they used to be - at least it is now accepted as a "real" disorder and not just "hysteria" or "anxiety". I have actually had docs who told me it was because I was female and had too much "anxiety" and needed more intimate moments with my husband, if you Know what I mean?!! Three different docs told me this old myth - as recently as 1990!!! I thought we had moved WAY past this, esp with the one doctor who looked about 25!! Luckily it is now widely accepted as a true disorder, and there are some effective treatments.

    SSRI's like prozac and cymbalta are helpful, doxepin and elavil can also be helpful - usually in tiny doses that owuldn't touch depression but work on the part of the brain that seems to be involved. Warm baths, good sleep hygeine, and a diet that is balanced 40-30-30 are very important. The diet should be 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. You can get snack ideas and recipes in the various Zone Diet books by Dr. Sears. I am NOT saying this diet is a "cure" but it DOES help with mental clarity and energy. There are other books that have recipes that follow those guidelines, and the Zone and Balance bars are all made with that balance (even I like some of the Balance bars and I am the pickiest eater I know!). The books are in many libraries and are widely available in used bookstores and online at used book sites.

    I am sorry you are coping with this on top of everything else. Your symptoms could also be chronic fatigue, some type of arthritis, or other things, so you need to talk to your doctor when you can. Your husband can do a basic tender point exam to help you figure things out, but diagnosis'ing yourself isn't a good idea - you really need a doctor to do the exam and help you figure out ways to treat this and go one with your life.

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    I was going to mention the tender points too. You can look up online for where they are but I have some that are in totally different areas than shown...go figure.

    Of course, adding in the degenerative joint disease just makes things worse because if my tender points on my knees arent hurting enough, the degeneration will just kick in and make life miserable. Fatigue? Oh please! I could seriously sleep my life away at this point. I really have no clue how I am going to handle this next period of time while going through this stuff with my dad. I am going to be a physical and mental mess.

    All I can say hurts!
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    There's no inflammation in fibro.