husband kind of saw baby


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My husband just called me at work to say he was walking into a store and wingnut was walking out with the baby. She was also with her mother who said hi to husband, but husband said he couldn't really get a look at the baby. He was trying to see if he could see who she looked like.

I'm glad I haven't run into her because I don't know what I would do before we find out if she is ours or not???


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Well its interesting that he couldnt get a good look at the baby. Why didnt they stop and talk to him? Why not show him the baby? Hmmmm.

Its so blankin obvious by now that Keyana is the spittin image of Cory at her age. I have pictures of him at a year and she is 8 months now and she could be his twin. Well she needs to grow more But Im figuring by a year maybe she will have more. Her hair is coming in just like his. Same color and all that. She has the same shaped face as he did at that age and everything.

One would think they would have been wanting to show you guys the similarities if there are any. She is old enough by now for traits to show up. She isnt a newborn now. Its harder to tell with newborns. She should be growing into her real eye color and all that. Hmmm...interesting...quite interesting.


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difficult child gave his dna last Thursday and her and the baby go this Thursday. Of course I told difficult child to ask how long it takes, but of course he didn't!!!!

I've heard a couple of weeks, but I don't really know.


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He said wingnut didn't see him, but her mother did. She said hi, he said hi and they kept going. Her mother knows we don't want to see the baby until we have the answer. He was just trying to see if he could get a look without being too obvious, but he couldn't really.

So we wait.


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The waiting must be very difficult. Heck, it's even hard to wait from the sidelines :wink:



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I'm smiling just picturing how a husband would try to look without being obvious. That's more of a female ! DDD


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Okay,I'll play the devil's advocate. Maybe she avoided husband because difficult child has told them ya'll don't want to see the baby until you know for sure.

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My step sis does this for a living. It shouldn't take more than 2 weeks after wingnut has them tested. Usual time is 7-10 days.

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I'm with Janet on this one, I couldnt do it, I would not have the will power to go this long. I hope this all is resolved soon. Have you thought about what your first move will be if the results are that she is your grandbaby?



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Karen - you and your family are in my thoughts. My grandson looks just like my son. THis is kinda unfortunate since he has nothing to do with the poor baby. I enjoy it though. However, I make no comments.

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Well, I'm not so sure I understand this whole process, but the background check is now in dispute both via husband and the co that wanted to hire him. Co is going to make the background checker co redo the check and are demanding varification details. I'm guessing matching DOB, SS numbers, name. The co believes husband. They believed it wasn't him to begin with, which is why a copy was sent to husband so he could dispute it.

Problem though, husband wasn't allowed to send the info I gathered. Grrrr. But he did give the co the URL so they could look for themselves, and they already have a copy of husband's birth certificate. Another problem, coporate wants all of this done via the background check co. (it's also their payroll co) So even though the co believes husband... and the evidence.... Well, you get the idea.

Unless the background check co is honest enough to admit to a mistake (in other words that they did a crappy job), he hasn't got a leg to stand on. :grrr:

We should know in about 5 days. Co promised to hold the job for husband. And they promised to send husband copies of anything the background check co sends them, if husband will do the same.

So I guess now what we need is that miracle.

Prayers will be highly appreciated, as well as bead rattling, and body part crossing.


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Wow, Karen. Seven to ten days from last Thursday, then?

You must feel almost faint with expectation!

Whichever way this goes there will be good and bad things attached. If the baby is yours, will Wingnut be throwing her weight around and saying you cannot see her and so on?

Or demanding money?

And if she isn't yours, will there be a time of letdown?

How old is the baby now, Karen?