husband needs to take a chill pill


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Okay, so we've been on this new schedule for a full work week now and it did great. It kept my difficult child's from getting into trouble because it kept them busy with things they like doing. I didn't let them alter from the schedule at all during the day and they did wonderful! We even got to escape Friday and enjoy a movie together without any behavior problems.

For my husband, its an entirely different story. He is so high strung and I can't get him to calm down. He needs to take a chill pill and enjoy kids not being in trouble for once. When our difficult child's got into trouble before, they could never get themselves out of trouble. We'd ground them from stuff and they'd just get in more trouble before the got ungrounded and it became the perpetual grounding. Now, I'm keeping them busy so they don't have the time or inclination to do things wrong and I still can't get husband in a good mood. This is the first week in the 4 summers we've gone through that I haven't called him to vent about someones behavior. He can't seem to handle things quietly, ever. If he gets annoyed, hes yelling, it never starts off quiet. I think this just makes it harder on the difficult child's because they get nervous when he gets loud. Don't get me wrong, my husband is a great guy, hes just loud and everything is automatically a yell, he doesn't know calm anymore. When we got married he was a marshmellow and it use to drive me crazy because he was such a pushover, now hes driving me crazy always yelling. Is there ever a happy medium or am I just incapable of being content with what I have?


Oh gosh my d/h is like yours, even when he isn't a "dry drunk" he's irritable with both difficult child's. And honestly he's never fair. And every therapist he's actually gone to with me and difficult child's says he is way too intense in his demeanor with them. He of course gets insulted. I wish difficult child's and d/h's came with mute buttons!!!


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Boy did you hit the nail on the head! My favorite is when he accuses me of always yelling and when I tell him to stop yelling, he tells me he's just talking loudly to be heard over all of the noise!

I have come to the conclusion that we have "XX" chromasomes and they don't have "XY" chromosomes, it's just that one of their "X's" broke! That's why we all handle things so differently! :)

Hope your weekend gets better and keep up the great work with keeping them busy - if it doesn't settle THEM down at least YOU'LL be tired enough to sleep!!!