I admit it...I could lose 10 or 70 lbs!

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    Hi! Help! I'm spiraling out of control! You guys are at week 13, the girl on the biggest loser (my bffmil Ladonna watches it!) lost 99 lbs. and I found them! AAAAGGGGHHHH!

    I eat on the road, snack, grab, pick and am immensely hungry at about 10:00 pm (I watch that "It's 10 o'clock - Do You Know Where Your Child Is? and I answer it "I do, I ate 'em!!!")

    I know I'm a "tad" stressed, but I can't seem to get started.

    Any ideas?

    I don't sit down to eat ever, because if I did, the phone would ring and it would be difficult child 1's school!!!


    PS: Type 1 diabetic in insulin resistance. If anyone has any really cool ideas as to how to reverse this, I'm willing to give it a shot!
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    I would start slowly. Be sure you are drinking enough water. The recommended amount is 48-64 oz/day. I drink 64 oz and when I'm on track I try to drink a bottle before I eat something because then I don't tend to eat as much. Before I started ww I didn't drink any water and I don't ever miss it now. I think it's been key in helping me keep my weight down.

    Think about slowly increasing your fiber as fiber tends to fill people up. One great snack is the Fiber One bars. They come in chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter and are loaded in fiber (I don't how that works for diabetics?). Fruit is another good source of fiber.

    I don't know much about the diabetes end of things-sorry.
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    I agree with Sharon. Starting slowly and making one change at a time gives your body AND your schedule a chance to get used to the new routines.

    The G.I. diet was designed to help with diabetes, by moderating your blood sugar. By eating the recommended foods, you avoid the big spikes in blood sugar and everything levels out. AND you can drop weight fairly steadily. AND you don't have to eliminate any food groups, so it's easier to follow than some of the other diets that have you totally eliminating carbs or whatever.

    Let me go and root around upstairs, and I will find the book references for you.

    Back in a sec.
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    Okay. Here they are:

    The G.I. Diet Clinic (a week-by-week guide to easy and permanent weight loss). By Rick Gallop. Random House Canada. ISBN 978-0-679-31439-4

    Living the G.I. Diet. By Rick Gallop and Emily Richards. Random House Canada. ISBN 0-679-31253-6

    G.I. stands for glycemic index.

    This diet books are recommended for people with Type 2 diabetes, so you might want to check with your doctor before plunging ahead.

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    Marg and I also have 2 threads here in this forum. She was recently told she has insulin resistance and I was recently told I am diabetic. we have been posting about our changes we have been makeing
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    NVTS -

    I am insulin resistant as well.

    Since joining the gang here - I.....

    Gave up bread, sodas, diet sodas -and drink at least LEAST 4 16.9 oz of water a day - BOTTLED water. It's a luxury - but I save the empties for my OJ.

    Have taken vitamins EVERY day and are looking at some better quality ones (had to get into the habit). I take iron, and chromium helps with the sugar if you are insulin resistant. I also take a good B complex, and started taking Nut Black Cohosh for "the midnight BBQ".

    I have committed myself to having 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning with a banana for breakfast. I can't give up the 1/2 and 1/2 yet - but I did go to Splenda 1/2 - it's awesome. The extra potassium helps with leg cramps AND is just sweet enough to curb the breakfast cravings for foods I'd rather have but are bad.

    I have a mid-morning snack of measured out pretzels and a 1/2 bottle of OJ with calcium or sugar reduced apple juice.

    For lunch I have a WW microwave meal at work and 1 yoplait thick and light yogurt.....100 calories. So i have about a 400 calorie lunch with 4 grams of fat.

    Then I have an afternoon fruit (like an apple or orange) or some almonds.

    Then at 5:30 - 6:00 we have supper at home - and maybe some (1 or 2) COOKIES for dessert or a WW frozen dessert.

    I'm not gaining - I'm not loosing - but at least I am being better to me.

    I also use the thought - NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN feels - until after 13 weeks I did not get thinner - but had a water weight gain. I have little to no salt intake so I guess it's time to go see about thyroid - I had the tests before and they told me I had a bunch of diseases.....and I dont' take ONE single medicine they had me on - and I used to take 22 pills a day......go figure.

    Also - you have to find some kind of exercise you like - dance, walking, eliptical - and cut down on stress. Cortisol levels in me 2 years ago were so High they did my test 3 times -

    Hope you find something helpful in there - and TELL yourself I DO NOT NEED THAT FOOD - I fyou MUST have a food - grab an apple. And don't buy the bagged apples - actually pick out the ones that look appealing to you in the store and try different kinds - get an apple pealer and corer (dollar store) $1 - and dip them in coolwhip if you must.

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    If your not a water drinker tea... I buy herbal tea... make a huge cup...no sweetner, but and make myself drink lots of tea. When it is SO cold here, still in the 30's it is hard to drink tones of water... so I drink tons of tea... green tea also. It is good for you!!!
    Good luck... I also make myself think I am in a spa and put Cucumber slices in my water or lemon, or sliced strawberries... the girls and husband love it also... I eat them at the end... I use a huge Nalgene bottle 64oz.