I almost forgot to post this....guess who is 26 today? CORY!!!!!!!


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Yes, my baby boy is 26! I never believed we would hit this milestone.

For years we believed he would be dead before he hit 25. His teen years were so hard and even his early 20s left us with so many questions and doubts about how he would turn out or if he would even manage to stay alive. We firmly believed we might have to bury our son.

Now he is doing so well. He is really a pleasure to be around. He is a great father and people remark about that to us all the time. He understands his issues and is taking steps to get help with them.

Im so proud of him.

I cannot believe I have 3 boys who are all either in their 30's or heading fast there!


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Happy Birthday to your boy and congratulations to all of you making it through! Thanks for sharing, your post made me smile. You have a lot to be proud of!

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Aw Happy birthday Cory!

OMG they are going up too fast. Cory has come such a long way and you have every reason to be proud as heck of him. This board auntie is mighty proud of him too. :)


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Happy Birthday Cory! What a great milestone - so good to hear that he is doing so well.


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Cory was as difficult as most of the kids on this board. The fact that he has turned out so well is a testament to what treatment, being a team as parents and firm rules can do.


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Oh gosh, Janet - it just does *not* seem possible. Please wish him a very *very* happy b-day from me.

(Didn't it seem like *those* days were never going to end? LOL - I gotta tell you, I think seeing our boys now is 10 times sweeter just because they were so completely off the wall way back then. You did real good, hon.)


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Happy birthday, Cory!
I suspect I'll be following in his and your footsteps with-my difficult child and I hope that I can write a happy note like this when my son is 26.


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A very, very happy birthday to Cory! It doesn't seem like he should be that old already! We're all so very proud of him!
Happy Belated Birthday Cory!! It's amazing how quickly our kids grow up!! You did a wonderful job raising him!!

Reading about kids like Cory who grow up to become happy, successful adults gave me hope when I first found this site. It's people like you who were willing to be open, share the challenges of raising difficult children with all of us, who have helped me, and I'm sure countless others, forge ahead when all I wanted to do was stick my difficult children by the side of the road with "free" signs around their necks...

Way To Go Cory!!! This board "auntie" is extremely proud of you!!! SFR


Cory and I share a birthday! Wish I turned 26 yesterday. Except that I was 1 month postpartum with baby #2. But A newborn and a 2 year old were a lot easier than a 20 & 18 yo, now that I think about it!

Happy birthday to Cory!