I am a grandfather !

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Allan-Matlem, Dec 27, 2010.

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    it was suggested that we become grandparents before we become parents. Grandparents realize that their connection with grandchildren is all about relationship , parents get it wrong by thinking it is all about control and compliance.

    Well I have tried to put the relationship first in any of my parenting decisions so being a granddad should be more natural.

    Today my daughter 23 , 4th year nursing student , also a part nurse gave birth to a boy - 3.556 kg , my ist grandchild

    wishing you all a happy new year with lots of growth and breakthroughs for all members here and your families

    Allan - Allankatz-parentingislearning.blogspot.com
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    Congratulations, Allan! The joy of being a grandparent (so I'm told) is being able to break all the rules we insisted on as parents, then hand the kids back when we have done the damage!

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    Congrats! My child is her grandparents' revenge.
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    Congratulations Allan!
  5. Congratulations to the proud Grandfather and the blessed parents . What a wonderful gift for the coming new year!!!

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    From one grandparent to another...congratulations!! Grandkids are a wonderous joy...all the good parts of having kids & none of the bad (you can send them back when you get to the bad parts!)

    I tell people that being a grandma is like parenting with a fast forward button. Any time it starts to feel like parenting again, you send them home. It's like fast forwarding a movie so you can just watch your favorite parts. :)

    My father has said for years that being a grandpa is great...they come, do a day's worth of damage, then go home to be someone else's problem. :)

    You can spoil them rotten and never have to worry about the outcome. It's wonderful! It's like getting a reward for parenting while at the same time, watching your kids get their just desserts. lol.

    My youngest granddaughter, Lex, got into her Mommy's bathroom and spread make up everywhere. All I could do was laugh and remind easy child about the time she made "sand castles" all over my house with flour and coffee, while eating peanut butter right out of the jar with her fingers. She didn't appreciate the humor, but she will...once Lex has kids. lol.

    Aside from the ability to laugh and giggle as your child runs around after their kids...grandkids are wonderful in other ways too. I find I have far more appreciation for the little things my granddaughters do. I think I was more excited when Rae finally said Gama than I was when my oldest first said Mama. When I go visit and she gets excited and bounces up and down chanting "Gama! Gama!" it's the absolute best feeling in the whole world. I think it's even better than when my kids would get excited when I came home...because there's nothing else associated with it...no dinner to fix, no baths to organize, no worries if you'll do something to mess them up for life...you can just simply enjoy their unconditional love.

    With all that said, Allen, I wish you the deepest, most sincere congratulations possible. I know what joy lies ahead for you! I can't think of a better guy to fill a pair of G'pa pants. :)
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    I'm happy for you and the family. Grandparenting is awesome when you have stable parents holding down the fort almost all of the time. I bet that baby is going to be much loved. DDD
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    Congratulations Allan!
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    Welcome to the club Allan and congradulations :)

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    מזל טוב על הולדת הנכדה שלך! שאלוהים יברך אותו ולשמור אותו כל ימי חייו.

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    Allen, Mazal Tov! May you and your wife always have much joy and nachat from your grandchild. Welcome to the club!

    Star -- your Hebrew is almost perfect! How on earth do you do it?

    Mazal Tov Allen, and love, Esther
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    I think I found out how - I translated it in reverse, just to see if I could. I endorse the blessing.

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    Congratulations. What a gift.
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    My sincere congratulations, Allan.

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    Congratulations Allan!
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    What delightful news! Best wishes to all the family!
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    Congratulations Allen! Your little grandson is a blessed little boy to have you for a grandfather!